Friday, 23 October 2015

Kids Halloween Basket ideas 2015

I love nothing more the creating fun 'festive' themed baskets for the children i think ill actually be quite sad once they grow out of it! With Halloween just round the corner i brought a few goodies for the kids to enjoy over the half term week. I wanted to share what I've put inside them since i love sharing inspiration and even maybe starting a new tradition in your household each year?

Like i said its only a few bits and bobs nothing overly expensive and some things like the buckets are from previous years.

So both Alister & Violet get exactly the same for obvious reasons now they are both at a similar age we can't have them bickering over who's got what!!

I picked up a couple of Halloween Themed plates & tumblers from Sainsbury's. I thought buying actually plates and not just paper ones at least we can use them every year.

They both have a 'Spooky' activity book from home bargains as well as a light up glow stick, Spooky stickers, wind up toy each and some fun witches fingers! I loved these as a child.

And lastly how could we not add some candy! I don't like to go too crazy with the sweeties for obvious reasons but this time of year it has to be done! I filled up their tumblers with chocolate eye balls, a couple of lollies and some creepy marshmallow treats!

I really hope you've enjoyed this post let me know if you'll be doing a halloween basket this year!

Claire x

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