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My Current Skincare Routine October 2015

I posted a couple of videos back in January of my skincare routine and i will leave them linked below.
I haven't changed a massive amount to be perfectly honest. My skin has been so much better since sticking to the same products and i believe thats probably the key to having clearer skin. I say clearer because honestly i can't ever imagine myself having clear skin! i don't think I've seen a spot free face since being pregnant which is very frustrating.

Im hoping as i get older now only being 27, that when i hit my 30's my teenage like skin will settle but who knows! Most people think you get spots because your not washing your face enough I've definitely had that comment for sure.. but honestly i wash my face twice a day and would never sleep in makeup, even if it means using a horrid face wipe!

For the morning i like to use the Neutrogena visibly clear face wash now this has mixed reviews all over some people really don't get on with it but for some reason its seems to work great on my oily skin. It doesn't dry it out at all and it quite refreshing foamy wash in the mornings. I use this and wash off with a clean flannel.

For mornings when i shower like after the gym i use a mixture of quick face washes, the current one is Simple Clear Skin face wash its a really light exfoliating face wash again really like using it. Ive also just finished up the Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash & mask again great face wash but most importantly i love that i can whip it on in the shower and leave it as a mask for a few minutes, i also find this wash tingles on my skin once applied.

After washing my face i spritz on La Roche Possay Serozinc I've been using this since dec/jan time and love it, its a spray toner for oily skin which really helps with shine and tightening those pores.

The La Roche Possay Effaclar Duo has been in my life for quite some years now on and off. This is a light serum supposedly to help unclog pores, helps with shine control and the appearance of scaring.
I really like using this and use it mainly on the lower half of my face where i breakout the most and its quite soothing.

I actually need to find an 'anti ageing' eye cream I've noticed a few fine lines just recently but i really love this eye cream First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy I've had the same tube since January and use it twice a day! Total worth the money! Its a skin colour cream kind of looks like a concealer which i really like, instantly brightens the under eye, de-puffs & smoothes. I really love using this a i can see an instant result but will definitely look into maybe a night eye anti ageing eye cream, Any recommendations would be grateful.

Lastly for day time I've been using the Estee Lauder Day cream Oil free SPF 25 this is only a sample size and have only been using this for 3 weeks but I'm hooked honestly! Its such a rich yet light cream and absorbs lovely into my skin. I haven't had any signs of new blemishes when using which is my main worry and i love that it has a high SPF.

The previous day cream i was using which i still love is the Botanics Mattifying day cream. Again doesn't break me out and so affordable.

For evenings i use my Clarisonic Mia 2 every night to take off my make up. I think the Clarisonic has made my skin dramatically different in texture and much more brighter. I think using it could also be the reason why my skin this year has been so much better. With the Clarisonic i love the First Aid beauty Cleanser again have used these two together since Jan and have never looked back, the cleansed is a great combination of creamy and not too foamy so doesn't dry my skin out when using it with the Clarisonic. Its so gentle, has hardly any smell and great for sensitive blemish prone skin.

I got sent a free sample of the Insta Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum a few months back and i use this a couple times a week its quite drying so i tend not to use it too often but it seems to be helping with my scarring.

Another sample size of something I've wanted to try for years is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair raved about by many people, its smells divine quite 'spa' like and relaxing. I was worried it might be too 'oily' for my but the serum just sinks and disappears into my skin I've been using this as the last product on my skin before bed and love it, I will definitely be getting it in full size!

For eye make up removers or lazy late nights i use Bioderma Sebum H20 its a great all rounder cleansing water this type is specifically for oily / combo skin and the pink bottle is for dry. 

As well as a lip balm thats pretty much that for my skincare. I hope you've enjoyed this little update and have given you some ideas especially if you have some unruly skin like mine!

Morning & Evening skincare videos below:


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