Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Big Noisy Book Of Dinosaurs Review

Alister has always loved dinosaurs from a young age and we were lucky enough to receive this very cool Book called The Noisy Book Of Dinosaurs a few weeks back by Dk.

On the front cover there is a noisy button which the children quite enjoyed pressing and listening to the very loud roar from the T-REX. Quite an informative books with lots of different facts of the different types of dinosaurs that are extinct. The children found it very amusing trying to get me to read out all of the dinosaurs names and repeating them!

Great all rounder book with lots of big colourful pictures as well as their skeletons nice and educational and really gets the children asking whats this and that on each page as well as 'what happened to the dinosaurs' which i had a lot! Violet also enjoyed reading this along with me.


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