Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Finding the Healthier Me Again...Going Back to the Basics..

Ive just posted a video about how i meal plan and lightly touched on my budget with a few tips and ideas i really hope it was helpful. I definitely believe if you want to stay on track of eating better for all of the family as well as staying on a specific budget meal planning is key.

I have been meal planning for years and years and have saved a small fortune in just knowing what were eating! Not only that I've maintained a healthy weight and all the family eat really really well so i couldn't really ask for anything more.

With my video linked below i also touched on trying to get back on track with baking & making more home cooked alternatives. I always do cook our meals from scratch pretty much, but lately I've had a tendency to go down the processed 'crap' isles and have been picking up bits and bobs here and there.

Although everything is ok in moderation i.e. chocolate, crisps etc.. I've noticed the kids asking more and more for the bad snacks since I've had them in, which was bound to be obvious but its getting to the point that we've gotten into arguments about snacks as well as the children not eating that great at meal times because of the over snacking..

So as of lately I've ditched the processed rubbish and have given the kids the only option of fruit, yogurt and rice cakes for weekly after school snacks. Weekends are slightly different for treats etc...

Am i mean?! Im hoping this will also contribute to their terrible outbursts of behaviour recently to.

Ive also been trying to buy more 'local' and just the basics like fruit & veg, meat and even local breads, Although i did make a batch of wholemeal bread last week which was really good!

I definitely find although i do enjoy having a browse in the supermarket especially when I'm on my own i do tend to buy more food and things that we don't even need so I'm hoping doing this will also help.

Maybe will do a little update on how were all getting on in the next couple of weeks, i have already noticed a difference already though in my mood and the kids appetites!

Heres my little 'how i meal plan' video below.


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