Thursday, 12 November 2015

Finding the Perfect Family Car...

Ive been through many many cars over the last 10 years of driving... And still to this day its hard to know what is the perfect car for your family. Ive started with 3 door hatchbacks , 4x4 , saloons and now I'm onto my lovely feisty Kia Soul which I've had for the past 7 months.

The main features i love when driving a car is the space and feel and the added extras inside are always a bonus! Living very rural i spend an awful lot of time in my car, from school to nursery runs 5 days a week, heading to the gym & supermarket the list is endless as to how many times i hop in and out of my car!

I am definitely an avid driver though theres nothing more relaxing than driving through our peaceful little village although having said that the tracks down our roads are pretty horrendous at the moment with all the horrid potholes ruining my tyres!

Making sure i look after my car is key to knowing were all safe in it, something as simple as having your tyres checked and changed regularly is really important. Lack of tyre safety contributes to more than 1200 road accidents. Even driving with defective tyres can result in large penalties up to £2500 and even 3 points on your licence.

Point S has a wide variety of tyres in all sizes from your basic to the branded at the best prices.
The website is super simple to use just search for your local Point S depot, choose your tyres and book yourself an appointment it couldn't be any easier!

Point S offer an instant price with no online payment, just reserve your tyres and get them fitted locally with nationwide coverage!

So don't forget to check your car tyres because its not really about finding the perfect car its keeping your car perfect and intact and safe for you & your family!

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