Monday, 30 November 2015

My First Scalextric Review & Giveaway!!!

The kids were lucky enough to receive an awesome new toy called My First Scalextric 'Racing fun for the Young Driver'! Alister definitely loves playing with his cars but has never had one of these tracks before nor played with one.

Me and Violet actually unboxed and set it up while he was at school to surprise him! Of corse we had to have a go on it. For some reason from remembering my brothers old Scaletrix that i wasn't allowed to play with.. i remember it being quite flimsy and the cars spun off quite quickly. However this version is amazing and really well built! Violet and i had so much fun whizzing around the track.

Alister was probably the most impressed and couldn't wait to give it ago once home. My husband and Alister have been playing with it for what it seems like hours whizzing around the track!

Such a fantastic fun and interactive toy, well built which literally took me about 5 minutes to slot the track together. The hand remotes that control the car are attached with a plug which slots straight into the board. Its powered by a lead and plug so no need for batteries!

The cars are small and robust with wire wool type material attached underneath for the electric to take the cars around the track.

All in all the My First Scalextric toy is great and fun for all ages 3+ and will last years as long as its looked after. Its bright and very eye catching with the red and yellow chevrons and its a very well made sturdy track.

RRP £34.99. For ages 3 years + .

So getting on to the Giveaway! If you'd like to win a My First Scalextric just enter the rafflecopter below and in a week ill announce the winner by email. 

Heres the Official Promotional TV Advert for this toy-

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