Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lechuza Planter Review

A few months ago i was given a Lechuza Planter to review. The planters are one of a kind and are self watering! i honestly have never come across such a genius product! I am definitely someone who loves all things green, gardening and flowers... however i definitely have a tendency to forget to water my plants and often, too often shall i say they die.

Lechuza Planters are here to help! They are designed for easy planting with a special liner inside the coloured container which are also changeable in many shades, the liner gives you easy lift handles and a tube attached with filtering system which feeds and waters your plants in a slow yet effective way to keep your flowers healthy and even betters the growth of plants. A drain plug is also attached to the liner for outdoor planters incase of excessive amounts of rain water.

The planters come in all different shapes, sizes and colours and are also for indoors & outdoors.
The planters can also be attached to drains and walls around the home.

The planter i have is the BALCONERA which is in the beautiful 'Caribbean Blue' Shade. It retails at £29.99 and 50x80 in size. Its a be a great window seal size, shatterproof, ultra light, UV resistant & i made from high quality plastic.

To be perfectly honest when i opened the box i did feel slightly over whelmed with the different parts and components to put together, however the picture & writing instructions made it rather simple and was done in under 10 minutes.

So far I've really been loving using the planter i definitely need more than one in my life!
Im still waiting for the bulbs to bloom but they have popped through! however the less frequent watering has made planting this time of year a doddle because honestly i usually hold on till spring before i bother with plants.

The Lechuza Planters have definitely changed that for sure!

The simple water Measurer in the corner of the planter tells me when i need to top up the water which makes it a breeze and i rarely have to do it.

These planters are great for the green fingered person out there whole love a pretty stunning plant pot as well as the novice like me who really needs a little help with keeping flowers alive and well.

I would highly recommend giving the Lechuza Planters ago, they'd make a great gift for someone.


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