Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Mango Barbie Kids Top Review

Violet was lucky enough to receive a cute little Barbie Top from the new Mango chic line which has recently been launched around the Europe. The pop art style Barbie tops are RRP £!2.99 and come in the 'Barbie' slogan as well as the Barbie portrait herself.

My first thought on the top is that the cotton and quality felt super soft and the detail of Barbie on the shirt was really nice and vibrant.

Violet was overjoyed when i gave her this top to wear, she has never had a Barbie top before and couldn't wait to wear it! I paired it with a cute bright pink bow and jeans.

So far after wearing and washing it at least 3 times it still looks as good as new and the Transfer still looks perfect.


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