Friday, 25 December 2015

My Week in Pictures 30th November - 6th December

A few pictures to share over the last couple of weeks its getting all festive and lovely. I do love this time of year curling up by the fire.

I love Medjool dates especially this tim elf year these ones from Waitrose are amazing.

Violet being ' mummy' is the sweetest thing she's growing more and more like me everyday which is a pleasure to watch apart from the stubbornness!

The kids experienced a magical message from Santa through PNP feel free to check that out its free!

Me and Violet had Brunch The Boston Tea Party which we haven't done in a while. i love spending time with her she's such a gorgeous little thing to talk to. And not too long now and she'll be off to school :(

Wreath Making the other day i try and do this once a year although I'm tempted to make some easter wreaths next year and experiment! Heres and easy how to- Wreath Making.

Hurray we finally got a tree and we all decorated it. For some reason getting in the 'Chrsitmasy' spirit this year has been hard for me, i think it might be the fact that the weather is still so mild! 

Look at that sun beaming on the sheep!

I finished the kids Christmas Eve Basket I'm so pleased with how its turned out. Check it out here- Christmas Eve Basket.

I did a little 'photo shoot' on a autumnal outfit i love. all details are here- Raglan, Berry, Bobble i love the berry shades right now!

Porridge and Biona Organic Hazelnut spread has been my absolute favourite breakfast as of lately! i can't get enough.


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