Thursday, 10 December 2015

Portable North Pole Review

The kids have recently experienced a delightful Video from Santa using The magical moment when you child starts to become aware of Christmas and Santa is amazing.

Portable North Pole is a website designed to make the magic really come alive by helping children keep the spirit of Christmas and the belief of Santa by having an interactive message sent to your child. The messages can be personalised for each child by entering their name, age and a photo.
Santa Clause speaks to the children by video call and tells them what they should do to improve their behaviour or encourage them to be kind etc... theres lots of different ideas which you can pick and choose to use depending on your child.

There are a few different types of calls you can make, from the free version which is a basic yet lovely video call from Santa or theres the Gold Pass option which you can choose from many of different calls and videos which are unlimited.

I personalised a video each for the children to watch, they absolutely loved it and was so amazed to see Santa talk about them and what they do in real life! Alister couldn't quite believe it!

I really loved the video for how magical and real it seemed, from the very real looking Santa and cute elves. The background of the north pole and his home just made the whole video so warming and really feel like Christmas is upon us.

I would definitely recommend creating your own video for the child/ children through PNP it will really bring Christmas Alive for all the family!


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