Saturday, 30 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 29th Jan - 4th Feb

Hi everyone! Heres our meal plan for the week feeling really good lately with our food choices. I've been really good at packing up lunches for us if were heading out which has really curbed the temptation of connivence fast food for sure!

Ive just finished week 4 of Focus T25 workouts, also last week next week i can't believe I've actually got this far and still loving it! Than i move onto the Beta dvd's which are harder. I will be doing a before and after on how I've got on with T25 if your wondering a lot has changed for sure!

Hope you have a great weekend the kids have got colds and Alister has a horrid cough so were staying in this weekend, basically trash the house, pj and dvd days yay!

Breakfast- Porridge tsp cashew nut butter & sliced banana with a green flavoured tea.

Lunch-2 scrambled eggs with spinach with a pita & piece of fruit.

Dinner-Honey glazed Salmon with a mixed veggie stir fry/ pine nuts & rice noodles.


Breakfast- Homemade Pancakes with bacon & maple syrup- black coffee!

Lunch- snack picnic lunch with the children- fruit/ veggies/ hummus/ pita bread.

Dinner-  OUT


Breakfast- Honey pork sausages ( our own) with scrambled eggs and spinach- green tea.

Lunch- Soup with a pita bread/ yogurt/ fruit.

Dinner- Roast Lamb with roasted veg & Yorkshire puddings.


Breakfast-Porridge with chopped dates & cinnamon.- green and fruit flavoured tea.

Lunch- Snacky lunch- pita & carrot sticks with hummus/ boiled eggs and fruit.

Dinner- Prawn & Pak choi curry with Quinoa.


Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach with a slice of wholemeal.

Lunch- out

Dinner- Homemade Chicken and leek pie ( made with left over chicken )- veggies.


Breakfast-Breakfast Smoothie- Frozen Cherries/ Banana, spinach, tbsp cacao powder & milk.

Lunch- Soup with pita bread and fruit snack.

Dinner- Shepherds pie topped with sweet potato mash & steamed kale


Breakfast- Porridge with tsp cashew nut butter & half chopped banana, sprinkle of cinnamon. -green fruit tea.

Lunch- Pouched egg with a slice of wholemeal toast - yogurt and blueberries.

Dinner- Homemade Pizza with side salad.

Grocery haul here- Ocado/ Fruit box


Friday, 29 January 2016

Playmobil Easter Bunny School Review | #PLAYMOBILPLAYOLOGIST

Hello everyone I'm here to do a review on the brand new Easter Bunny School Set by Playmobil.
As Easter is approaching Playmobil have brought out some fun new extras to their play sets for all ages.
This particular set is from ages 4 -10 years.

Violet particularly took a liking to this adorable set which comes with lots of little Bunnies and a Teacher bunny. The set like all Playmobil comes with lots of extra pieces to complete it.
Such as the tables and chairs, the pull down learning board, trees and flowers, backpacks & quills.
I love the little added easter egg basket.

As with all Playmobil sets everything is lovely and colour the animals are all mobil and its a great little pre-school set. Violet and Alister have enjoyed playing with this a lot.
The detail on the Bunnies clothes as well as the books and back packs they can hold really helps this set come to life.

Violet practically put together the whole set herself it was really simple adding the flowers on the trees and even putting the table together.  But of course Playmobil always come with some useful & basic instructions.

The New Easter Collection from Playmobil will be available from February to buy.

Check out my video review here- Easter Bunny School Review


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lechuza Ice Blue Cubico 22 Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi everyone I'm here to do a review on the Lechuza Cubico 22 self watering planter. As you may be aware i love the outdoors and bringing some greenery inside is a must for me. Although i enjoy planting most times of the year either flowers or fruits I'm not really the best at it! I have all the enthusiasm but a lot of plants tend to die on me mainly because i forget to water them!

This is where the Lechuza Plant pots have change my life just literally! I have one of the large pots and i absolutely love it! The main feature to the pots are the plant liners which lifts out of the pot so you can fill it with soil and your seeds pop it back into the plant pot and fill with water.

There is a water gauge on the side of the pot which tells you how much water is left and has a Min & Max sign which tells you whether you need to re-fill or not.

I honestly have always had the water gauge filled half way and never have to water every week!
I top the plant pot up every 1-2 weeks usually it just depends how much sun soaks up the soil etc.
I'm sure in the summer months i will have to do it more often.

My plants have never looked so good and vibrant, i haven't felt like I've really had to think too much about them, even when being away just making sure the water is filled to the Max.

So added features of the CUBICO 22 include the pot being UV resistant. They are suitable for in and outdoors, and have a filter so your plants don't get over watered if they are outside and get rained on.

The plant pot itself come in an array of beautiful colours and are light yet durable. The plant liner is handy for easy changing of plants etc and the Sub-irrigation System can look after your plants for up to 12 weeks.

This particular plant pot retails at £39.99 but if your check out their website Lechuza they have a huge choice of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.

Now for the Giveaway! If you'd like to get your hands on one of these pots all you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

                                                      a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 25 January 2016

New Snouty Additions to Our Family

We've recently got some new members to our family.. Miss Wiggy gave birth to 12 beautiful little piglets nearly 2 weeks ago! Sadly 5 passed away its probably the most common thing to happen when a new piggy mum gives birth they tend to have so many babies its hard to keep track of each and everyone of them. Sadly she laid on the 5.

Having said that we have 7 healthy fat little piggies now growing beautifully outside our house, its been amazing to watch them grow from strength to strength every day.

I can't actually believe at only 2 weeks old they are already venturing out of the warm nest with mummy piggy out around the field! 

They have already such cute personalities and play just like normal siblings! 
The kids have loved so far watching them grow from tiny helpless piglets to how independent they are today.

Miss Wiggy has been such an amazing mother so far.. shes just been so relaxed and at ease with the whole thing i don't think id cope well with 7 new borns for sure! Miss Wiggy really has the kindest of nature towards us still and has no bother with us seeing her and her babies either.

I managed to get a few photos of them just the other day although they are so quick and noisy I've found it a real struggle getting a decent one! 
If you'd like to see more pictures especially when they were first born i did post some pictures on my Instagram


Friday, 22 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 22nd- 28th January

Heres our meal plan for the next week, I've added some staple meals we haven't had in ages with some recipes linked! Im really enjoying different food at the moment & trying to be more adventurous with lunches, i love a good snacky mixtures lunch!

Breakfast-2 scrambled eggs with spinach- earl grey tea.

Lunch- Soup- pita & piece of fruit.

Dinner-Prawn Alfredo Pasta Bake

Breakfast-Homemade Pancakes- bacon & maple syrup!
Lunch- ( out )
Dinner- ( out )

Breakfast- Smoothie- Frozen strawberries, banana, spinach, tbsp oats, chia, hemp seeds, tbsp natural yogurt & almond milk.

Lunch-Soup with a pita bread/ fruit.

Dinner- Roast Beef.

Breakfast- Porridge, cashew nut butter, 1/2 banana & flaxseed.

Lunch-Pita bread, carrot sticks and hummus- yogurt with chopped fruit.

Dinner- Crab & pea risotto with asparagus.

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach & 1/2 avocado.


Dinner- Jacket potatoes  with slow cooker sausages/gravy with broccoli.

Breakfast-Slice of wholemeal toast with cashew nut butter & sliced banana.- green flavoured tea.

Lunch-chicken salad, with pine nuts & piece of fruit.

Dinner-Spring Chicken with Sweet potato mash.

Breakfast-Porridge with chopped dates & cinnamon.


Dinner- Gnocchi Bolognese with greens.


Monday, 18 January 2016

My Week in Pictures 11th-18th January 2016

I have yet to do a 'week in pictures' this year so thought id start it off with a week where a lot has happened! So far this year has been amazing and i hope for it to continue! Ive just been on such a high with everything, even on those bad tiring hard days I've really tried hard to find the good in it.

Me & Graham have been spending some lovely quality time together which is always needed as it feels like he is constantly at work some weeks.. Were working on more family time again this is hard since the kids are at school and nursery during the week so we have to prioritise our weekends to make sure Graham gets his one on one with the children, I'm not going to lie it can be a struggle because of farming life but were getting there.

The start to my week was a good one! I got lovely baby cuddles with my nephew Jacob.. i can't believe he is nearly 7 months! He's such chunk its like weight lifting when i pick him up!

I made some Yummy Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate Chip Bread recipe Here. Its packed full of flavour and sweetness from only the bananas! 

I had a healthy lunch of Beef, salad & a plumy early grey tea. Ive recently loved trying different types of flavour teas.

We had some gorgeous new additions on Tuesday morning!
Miss Wiggy had 12 cute piglets, sadly 5 died .. but we have 7 plump little pigs running around now!

Violet is like the Pro Pizza maker in our house recipe Here. Its such a simple recipe anyone can make it and homemade always tastes much better!

We've had a cold dry spell down south and the children loved cracking the ice puddles before school.

Back on the T25 wagon and absolutely loving it! Cant believe I actually said that!

Pigges couple days old finding their feet.

Made home-made Lasagne on Thursday. packed it full of extra veggies yum!

Over the weekend i took the kids to Moores Valley with their bikes, it was absolutely freezing but they had so much fun and it was good to get some fresh air! The parking though is ridiculously expensive! Ill remember next time to walk in the the kids!

Me and Graham had a date night in on Saturday! We always love ordering an Indian. I usually have a Chicken Rogan Josh & Graham has a very mild Tikka Masala! 

A little outfit post featuring some lovely navy faux fur and prints! Here.

On Sunday we had a proper family day, we didn't go out but it was nice to play with the kids, get the playdoh out, colouring, watch films and have a proper PJ day! 

Alister almost learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers to! He's still getting there but with more practice i give it days and he'll be fully riding independently! 

First day the little piggies ventured out with mummy pig around the field at only 5 days old! It was amazing to watch!

Graham filling out the kiddies passports!! Yes were officially going on a hot holiday this year and I'm so excited! The kids have never been on a plane so its going to be an amazing experience for them!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and have a great week!

Claire x 


Friday, 15 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 15th- 21st January

Another week another meal plan! Where are these weeks going? I feel like i can't keep up as of lately! I've been struggling with getting back to the norm of school/ nursery run as well as new blog/ Vlog projects and trying to see people! There just hasn't been enough time in the day lately!

Anyway.. this week was round 2 of T25 and yes i am feeling so good.. and I'm flying through these workouts they are so much easier than last week for sure! Still trying to squeeze more fruit and veggies in which is the norm for me, but I'm doing well!

Breakfast-Porridge with Cashew nut butter & cinnamon

Lunch- Graham brought home a lovely crusty loaf of bread and camembert so this carby cheesy stuff is for lunch... It is a friday after all!

Dinner- Steak with Spinach, mushrooms & Quinoa.

Breakfast-Homemade Pancakes with berries.

Lunch-2 scramble eggs with spinach.


Breakfast-Our own honey sausages with scrambled eggs and spinach!

Lunch- Soup with a pita bread./ grapes.

Dinner- Roast Chicken.

Breakfast-Smoothie- frozen banana, cherries, spinach, chocolate protein powder & almond milk.

Lunch- Left over chicken & avocado on a couple of boiled eggs.- piece of fruit.

Dinner- Chilli Beef Nachos, using the sweet potato crackers from Costco, homemade guacamole, salsa, sour cream & melted cheese.

Breakfast-Porridge, half banana & tsp peanut butter.

Lunch-Soup with a pita bread/ piece of fruit.

Dinner-Soy Salmon Stir fry/ rice noodles.

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach / 1/2 avocado

Lunch- 2 rice cakes with left over avocado / tomato - yogurt with chopped fruit.

Dinner- Homemade Pizza- side salad.

Breakfast-Chocolate Chia breakfast pudding, layered with yogurt & banana.


Dinner- Prawn Alfredo Pasta Bake

Check out my Ocado & Abel & Cole Grocery Haul- 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Navy Faux Fur & Leopard Print | OUTFIT #5

Im loving the new world of Faux Fur, only since December i ventured into the furry stuff and i love it! I always worried it looked a bit Pat Butcherish however it does seriously keep you extra cosy through these autumn months and i love the different colours & textures that are available! 

Im wearing this navy blue Faux Fur Gillet from ASOS sadly its no longer in stock, it was in the sale reduced from £90- £25. Its super thick and cosy and a great length. 
This item definitely felt out of my comfort zone at first but now i love it and can wear with with most things because its navy!

Im wearing my good old trusty Skagen watch which I've had for years.

My dress is from the Joules sale no surprise there! I have it in the green floral print which i love and had to get this print also! Its brown with a navy leopard print. Again I'm obsessed with navy so the fact it was a navy print instead of black had me written all over it! 

Ive just paired the outfit with some tights and little brown faux leather loafers from Primark.
These come in a few different colours and are only £10!!!

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post this week!
Im now on a spending ban and so far have been doing great the last 2 weeks, lets see how long it lasts!


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Bread | NO ADDED SUGAR

Heres a super simple and delicious banana bread recipe thats 'healthier' and all the family will love!
Obviously things like peanut butter can be opted out if allergies or you just don't like it!
This recipe has no extra sugar like most breads, just the sweetness from the banana!

4-5 very ripe bananas
2 eggs
tsp vanilla
2 tbsp peanut butter ( optional )
1/3 cup coconut oil melted
1/3 milk
tsp baking powder
1-2 tsp cinnamon 
250g plain flour 
125g chocolate chips ( optional )

Put all the wet ingredients apart from the flour into a mixing bowl and mix till combined.

Than lastly add in the flour.

Fold in the chocolate chips.

Grease your loaf tin and pour in the mixture.
Pop into a preheated oven at 180c for 45-50mins or until golden.


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 8th- 14th January

Ive started my T25 workout dvd program this week.. so far so good, i thought id really struggle with doing it daily but I'm really loving it i just ache all over ha!

Last week i also got myself together with eating better and making the right choices and had a good clear out of the cupboards. My skin is already looking so much clearer which is amazing!

I ordered the Seasonal juice/ smoothie box from abel this week as a trial, the box contains all the ingredients and ideas for 3 different juices/ smoothie recipes. The box serves at least 6 glasses so great for two people also.

I really fancied giving it ago because the juices are mainly packed with veggies and extra flavours like ginger etc...
Im hoping if i get a liking to them i can recreate them myself without buying the box!

Breakfast- Porridge- tsp hazelnut spread & 1/2 banana- late morning Veggie Juice (abel)
Lunch-Chicken Caesar Salad- couple of medjool dates.
Dinner-Bangers & Mash- peas & gravy ( I'm out with girls for a Birthday meal!)

Breakfast- Urban reef for a birthday breakfast!
Dinner- OUT (Birthday meal!)

Breakfast- 2 Scrambled eggs with spinach, 1/2 avocado and a piece of fruit.- Late morning veggie juice ( abel)
Lunch- Fruit & veggies platter with the kids- carrots & cucumber, bread sticks  with hummus and different chopped fruit.
Dinner- Roast Beef
Snacks- dried fruit/ yogurt.

Breakfast- Chia Breakfast- Veggie Juice(abel)
Lunch- Pita bread with hummus/ avocado & a boiled egg. Veggie juice ( abel)
Dinner- King prawn, lentil & spinach Curry with Quinoa with a Home-made Naan.

Breakfast- Porridge, tsp cashew nut butter, hemp & flaxseeds drizzle of honey- veggie juice.(abel)
Lunch- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach & mushrooms- couple of chopped dates in some yogurt.
Dinner-Toad in the Hole- broccoli/carrots & gravy.

Breakfast- Morning coffee smoothie- 1 espresso, frozen banana, 1/2 avocado, spinach, flax & hemp seeds- almond milk.
Lunch-2 rice cakes topped with mashed avocado & baby tomatoes. - yogurt & chopped fruit/seeds.
Dinner- Homemade Lasagne with steamed Kale.

Breakfast-2 scrambled eggs with spinach- 1/2 avocado- green tea.
Lunch-veggie soup- pita bread & a couple of medjool dates.
Dinner- Homemade fish pie


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Black Suede, Oatmeal Roll Neck | OUTFIT #4

I haven't been able to do any outfit posts in ages since the chaos of Christmas and to be perfectly honest I've been living in pjs ha!

I purchased a couple of things a few weeks ago now from Topshop. I never EVER look in Topshop, I'm not really sure why but i was drawn in by this dress which was on the model.

I knew it was something id wear, especially since i love dresses especially ones that synch in the waist and are knee length.

I love this dress it seriously fits like a glove, its a lovely thick material with a bit of give... i also really like the roll neck it keeps me extra cosy. i think with the shorter sleeves i can definitely use this throughout spring and even summer cooler evenings dressed up or down!

Paired with black tights and these shoes are also from Topshop and in the sale as is the dress now actually! I've wanted a lace up style flat for ages and to be honest i wasn't sure my fat feet would cope! These are actually really comfy, i tried a couple of pairs on in store and had a good walk round before i brought them.

They are black faux suede with a zip at the back for easy slip on and off, saves tieing the laces all the time. I love the gold hardware on the laces to.

I put on a little necklace from Joules as i thought a longer chain would suit the dress better. Sadly its no longer available as this was last years however joules bring out new pieces all the time.


Monday, 4 January 2016

Whats on the Bookshelf? | JANUARY 2016

Back for a new year whats on the bookshelf boy & girls addition! Although to be honest they both read each others books.

The children also got a few new books for Christmas which also feature in here to. 
I did have a huge clear out of the 'baby' style books though since Alister especially had loads and they were taking up so much space!

Top shelf

Bottom Shelf

Princess Snow & the Unicorn ( can't find online )

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