Friday, 15 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 15th- 21st January

Another week another meal plan! Where are these weeks going? I feel like i can't keep up as of lately! I've been struggling with getting back to the norm of school/ nursery run as well as new blog/ Vlog projects and trying to see people! There just hasn't been enough time in the day lately!

Anyway.. this week was round 2 of T25 and yes i am feeling so good.. and I'm flying through these workouts they are so much easier than last week for sure! Still trying to squeeze more fruit and veggies in which is the norm for me, but I'm doing well!

Breakfast-Porridge with Cashew nut butter & cinnamon

Lunch- Graham brought home a lovely crusty loaf of bread and camembert so this carby cheesy stuff is for lunch... It is a friday after all!

Dinner- Steak with Spinach, mushrooms & Quinoa.

Breakfast-Homemade Pancakes with berries.

Lunch-2 scramble eggs with spinach.


Breakfast-Our own honey sausages with scrambled eggs and spinach!

Lunch- Soup with a pita bread./ grapes.

Dinner- Roast Chicken.

Breakfast-Smoothie- frozen banana, cherries, spinach, chocolate protein powder & almond milk.

Lunch- Left over chicken & avocado on a couple of boiled eggs.- piece of fruit.

Dinner- Chilli Beef Nachos, using the sweet potato crackers from Costco, homemade guacamole, salsa, sour cream & melted cheese.

Breakfast-Porridge, half banana & tsp peanut butter.

Lunch-Soup with a pita bread/ piece of fruit.

Dinner-Soy Salmon Stir fry/ rice noodles.

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach / 1/2 avocado

Lunch- 2 rice cakes with left over avocado / tomato - yogurt with chopped fruit.

Dinner- Homemade Pizza- side salad.

Breakfast-Chocolate Chia breakfast pudding, layered with yogurt & banana.


Dinner- Prawn Alfredo Pasta Bake

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