Saturday, 2 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 1st -7th January

Its a New Year and new meal plan! Ive hit the clean eating and health bandwagon just like most people i suppose! Need to get myself and the family back on to the right path of eating the right foods. The kids have been bingeing on biscuits and chocolate daily and so have we to be perfectly honest. Im feeling absolute rubbish I've had a long draining migraine for days now and have literally had hardly any energy.

So we need to change! Im basically working again with whats left in my freezer/ fridge & pantry, i did do a 'healthy' stock up of some items this week but not a lot. Beginning of next week i should have more variety of fruit and extra bits once i had to the shops and the kids are back at school and nursery!

Heres a full meal plan idea just to help give you ideas if your stuck on what to eat. I can't say i 100% stick to this especially if i head out for lunch etc.. however breakfast & dinners although they might shuffle i usually always stick to.

Breakfast- Porridge with half a banana & cashew nut butter with a apple & elderflower green tea.
Lunch-spinach & scrambled eggs, rasher of bacon & watermelon.
Dinner- Bangers & mash with veggies.
Snack - nectarine/ rice cake.

Breakfast- Gluten free pancakes with a rasher of bacon and a Black filtered coffee.
Lunch- 2 rice cakes covered in mashed avocado topped with smoked salmon- & a piece of fruit.
Dinner- OUT
Snack- going to bake some No added sugar banana & chocolate chip muffins so likely one of those!

Breakfast- spinach & 3 egg scramble- Apple, elderflower green tea & yogurt & chopped fruit.
Lunch- Large smoothie- frozen strawberries, banana, oats, yogurt, hemp & flaxseeds, cashews, spinach & coconut milk.
Dinner- Roast lamb.
Snack- banana & chocolate chip muffin./ dried mango.

Breakfast- Smoothie- my favourite at the moment is frozen cherries/ bananas, spinach, hemp and flaxseed with coconut milk.
Lunch- 2 scrambled eggs, spinach in a pita bread.- fruit snack.
Dinner- BBQ marinated chicken wings - Quinoa fried rice
Snack - Peanut butter, hemp seed & chocolate chip cups I'm going to make these simple treats!

Breakfast- Im going to make myself a Chia Breakfast the night before, a concoction of Chia, fruits and yogurt followed by a Green Tea.
Lunch-2 boiled eggs, carrot stick/ 1 pitta  & hummus.- Dried mango.
Dinner- Garlic grilled Tilapia - Brown Rice & roasted veggies ( carrot, parsnip, red cabbage ).
Snack- Peanut butter cup./ piece of fruit.

Breakfast-Chia breakfast ( i have a couple of new ones in a video to share!)
Lunch-Chicken caesar salad- fruit snack
Dinner- Steak, Sweet potato fries & sautéed red cabbage & peas.
Snack- Nuts/ dried & fresh fruit.

Breakfast- Porridge with cashew nut butter, half a banana & goji berries.
Lunch- Chicken salad in a pita bread, yogurt and fruit.
Dinner- spaghetti bolognese with lots of spinach & mushrooms.

I hope this has given you some inspiration let me know if you'd like to see more detailed meal planning! 

Heres to a Healthy New Year!

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