Saturday, 30 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 29th Jan - 4th Feb

Hi everyone! Heres our meal plan for the week feeling really good lately with our food choices. I've been really good at packing up lunches for us if were heading out which has really curbed the temptation of connivence fast food for sure!

Ive just finished week 4 of Focus T25 workouts, also last week next week i can't believe I've actually got this far and still loving it! Than i move onto the Beta dvd's which are harder. I will be doing a before and after on how I've got on with T25 if your wondering a lot has changed for sure!

Hope you have a great weekend the kids have got colds and Alister has a horrid cough so were staying in this weekend, basically trash the house, pj and dvd days yay!

Breakfast- Porridge tsp cashew nut butter & sliced banana with a green flavoured tea.

Lunch-2 scrambled eggs with spinach with a pita & piece of fruit.

Dinner-Honey glazed Salmon with a mixed veggie stir fry/ pine nuts & rice noodles.


Breakfast- Homemade Pancakes with bacon & maple syrup- black coffee!

Lunch- snack picnic lunch with the children- fruit/ veggies/ hummus/ pita bread.

Dinner-  OUT


Breakfast- Honey pork sausages ( our own) with scrambled eggs and spinach- green tea.

Lunch- Soup with a pita bread/ yogurt/ fruit.

Dinner- Roast Lamb with roasted veg & Yorkshire puddings.


Breakfast-Porridge with chopped dates & cinnamon.- green and fruit flavoured tea.

Lunch- Snacky lunch- pita & carrot sticks with hummus/ boiled eggs and fruit.

Dinner- Prawn & Pak choi curry with Quinoa.


Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach with a slice of wholemeal.

Lunch- out

Dinner- Homemade Chicken and leek pie ( made with left over chicken )- veggies.


Breakfast-Breakfast Smoothie- Frozen Cherries/ Banana, spinach, tbsp cacao powder & milk.

Lunch- Soup with pita bread and fruit snack.

Dinner- Shepherds pie topped with sweet potato mash & steamed kale


Breakfast- Porridge with tsp cashew nut butter & half chopped banana, sprinkle of cinnamon. -green fruit tea.

Lunch- Pouched egg with a slice of wholemeal toast - yogurt and blueberries.

Dinner- Homemade Pizza with side salad.

Grocery haul here- Ocado/ Fruit box


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