Saturday, 9 January 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 8th- 14th January

Ive started my T25 workout dvd program this week.. so far so good, i thought id really struggle with doing it daily but I'm really loving it i just ache all over ha!

Last week i also got myself together with eating better and making the right choices and had a good clear out of the cupboards. My skin is already looking so much clearer which is amazing!

I ordered the Seasonal juice/ smoothie box from abel this week as a trial, the box contains all the ingredients and ideas for 3 different juices/ smoothie recipes. The box serves at least 6 glasses so great for two people also.

I really fancied giving it ago because the juices are mainly packed with veggies and extra flavours like ginger etc...
Im hoping if i get a liking to them i can recreate them myself without buying the box!

Breakfast- Porridge- tsp hazelnut spread & 1/2 banana- late morning Veggie Juice (abel)
Lunch-Chicken Caesar Salad- couple of medjool dates.
Dinner-Bangers & Mash- peas & gravy ( I'm out with girls for a Birthday meal!)

Breakfast- Urban reef for a birthday breakfast!
Dinner- OUT (Birthday meal!)

Breakfast- 2 Scrambled eggs with spinach, 1/2 avocado and a piece of fruit.- Late morning veggie juice ( abel)
Lunch- Fruit & veggies platter with the kids- carrots & cucumber, bread sticks  with hummus and different chopped fruit.
Dinner- Roast Beef
Snacks- dried fruit/ yogurt.

Breakfast- Chia Breakfast- Veggie Juice(abel)
Lunch- Pita bread with hummus/ avocado & a boiled egg. Veggie juice ( abel)
Dinner- King prawn, lentil & spinach Curry with Quinoa with a Home-made Naan.

Breakfast- Porridge, tsp cashew nut butter, hemp & flaxseeds drizzle of honey- veggie juice.(abel)
Lunch- 2 scrambled eggs with spinach & mushrooms- couple of chopped dates in some yogurt.
Dinner-Toad in the Hole- broccoli/carrots & gravy.

Breakfast- Morning coffee smoothie- 1 espresso, frozen banana, 1/2 avocado, spinach, flax & hemp seeds- almond milk.
Lunch-2 rice cakes topped with mashed avocado & baby tomatoes. - yogurt & chopped fruit/seeds.
Dinner- Homemade Lasagne with steamed Kale.

Breakfast-2 scrambled eggs with spinach- 1/2 avocado- green tea.
Lunch-veggie soup- pita bread & a couple of medjool dates.
Dinner- Homemade fish pie


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