Friday, 1 January 2016

My Goals For 2016

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can not believe another year has passed so quickly, the children are getting way too grown up by the day to think i'll have a 7 and 5 year old by the end of this year is rather shocking!

As with each year i like to either write up or do a video on my 'Goals' or 'Resolutions' for the year.
Funnily enough i do them every year but hardly ever complete them which is probably not unusual for everybody i suppose! Life just takes over in the end and by 6 months I've forgotten!

The top goal for most people at the start of the year  i think is to lose weight / Get fit since we've all overeaten over the Christmas holidays! I have to be honest that is definitely on my list.. well i need to get back in shape although i may not be overweight i definitely don't feel as fit as i usually am since I've not been able to go to the gym for the last month and I've been too lazy to do anything at home!

Ive had the T25 DVD set for a year now and have yet to fully complete it.. which I'm quite annoyed with myself about to be honest, especially since its only a 25 min workout 6 days a week.

So that is my first Goal, to complete Alpha T25 and I'm hoping Graham is going to join me!

My next Goal although something i do naturally but just get us a family back on track with eating better, upping our daily fruit and vegetable's. Im literally going to empty my cupboards and take out the 'crap' food from Christmas, the stuff that hasn't been eaten and either give it to friends/ family or food banks.

Start the Spring cleaning is my next goal, to re-organise cupboards / clothes/ storage & Toys.
I feel the house is super cluttered at the moment , the kids have an excessive amount of toys & clothes. I have a tendency to buy stuff and the house is overcrowded with useless tat!

Something which coincides with the above is just to generally stop buying the stuff!!! I want to save more and stop spending on things we don't need. we are hoping for a 'hot' holiday this year so extra money for a relaxing break is definitely worth it.

Spending more time with the children one on one is definitely needed. Alister since starting school i don't get that enough and Violet will be starting school in September so I'm just needing to lap up the time i have with her now.

My last goal is concentrate on the outside of the house,  we have a lot of land around us and although its lovely , its very hard to maintain and keep together. Although I'm not naturally green fingered i do love potting plants every year and having a go at growing different fruits. This year i want to get better at it, crack down on Graham to make me some homemade beds so i can hopefully grow some homegrown veggies!

I think thats it! I really believe my goals are very achievable and still can't believe today is 1st January! I really hope you have a amazing year I am very excited!

Tell me your Goals for the year id love to hear them!


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