Monday, 25 January 2016

New Snouty Additions to Our Family

We've recently got some new members to our family.. Miss Wiggy gave birth to 12 beautiful little piglets nearly 2 weeks ago! Sadly 5 passed away its probably the most common thing to happen when a new piggy mum gives birth they tend to have so many babies its hard to keep track of each and everyone of them. Sadly she laid on the 5.

Having said that we have 7 healthy fat little piggies now growing beautifully outside our house, its been amazing to watch them grow from strength to strength every day.

I can't actually believe at only 2 weeks old they are already venturing out of the warm nest with mummy piggy out around the field! 

They have already such cute personalities and play just like normal siblings! 
The kids have loved so far watching them grow from tiny helpless piglets to how independent they are today.

Miss Wiggy has been such an amazing mother so far.. shes just been so relaxed and at ease with the whole thing i don't think id cope well with 7 new borns for sure! Miss Wiggy really has the kindest of nature towards us still and has no bother with us seeing her and her babies either.

I managed to get a few photos of them just the other day although they are so quick and noisy I've found it a real struggle getting a decent one! 
If you'd like to see more pictures especially when they were first born i did post some pictures on my Instagram


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