Sunday, 28 February 2016

Making your House a Home | My Fire place

Making a house a home can take so much time.. still 3 years of living in our bungalow I'm tweaking bits here and there and we still have small odd jobs that need doing! 
I don't think a house is every really complete!

One room I'm really happy with is our living room, mainly because we've got a huge beautiful stone fire place with a log burner built in. Definitely the centre piece of the living area its very open and bright and what i love to do is find cute ornaments for the mantle piece as well as always have a vase of flowers! 

The log burner itself is a must for us not only does it look beautiful but its so practical on the cold days and evenings. Our house is powered by an AGA to run the central heating so having an extra burner is really needed! I do hate the cold! 

Ive really been enjoining reading some 'Style at Home' magazines they've really given me some great inspiration for decorating and furnishing the house. Im also obsessed with Pinterest still , mainly for Home DIY projects to cut costs.

I got a couple of cute side tables recently from a shop called JYSK its a rather cheap and interested Norwegian store which sells some really nice 'Scandi' type furniture.

Although I'm more into the Traditional types of furniture pieces, i do love mixing the old and new as i think it really goes well. 

Im currently still deciding on colours for our hallway to paint at the moment then ill be moving on to the living room.

I hope youve enjoyed this post .. Whats your favourite room in your house?

Claire x


Friday, 26 February 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 26th- 3rd March

Ive been such in a hump this week... general lack of motivation and feeling a little rough to be honest! I generally love cooking but this week I've not been feeling it at all!

I hoping next week ill get my mojo back with everything cooking and working out, I didn't do much over the half term week so repeated week 2 Beta this week I'm not going to lie having a week off made this week hard!

Breakfast- English muffin toasted with peanut butter and a tea.
Dinner- Im out with friends but I've made large fish cakes for the kids and Graham so ill probably make some Homemade Chips to go with them and some mushy peas!

Breakfast- I might dig out my waffle maker this week, to have with bananas and maple syrup! black coffee needed!!
Dinner- Me and Graham will most likely get a takeaway ... i fancy and indian.

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with spinach and some of our honey sausages- coffee.
Dinner- Roast Beef with lots of Roasted Vegetables.

Breakfast- Porridge with chopped dates and cinnamon - tea.
Dinner- Simple Jackets potatoes with beans and bacon/ side salad ( this was requested by Graham)

Breakfast-scrambled eggs with spinach and half avocado.- tea.
Dinner- Tacos with Quinoa and avocado ( i usually pack the taco meat with peas and beans.)

Breakfast- Porridge with tsp peanut butter and half a banana- tea.
Dinner- Homemade Fish Pie with broccoli .

Breakfast- Slice of wholemeal toast with a pouched egg - Tea.
Dinner- Chicken Korma Curry with brown rice and Naan.

Monday, 22 February 2016

BikyBiky Vest | Review & Giveaway!

Some of you may be aware that the past couple of months we've been trying to teach Alister (age 6) to ride his bike with no stabilisers! He's had his 'big boy bike' for coming up to a year in May and has always insisted on having his stabilisers on it. However after a long winter stored away Alister growing quite a lot in the past 6 months, we took his bike to our local country park to realise that he is just way too big for his stabilisers now and moans how slow he rides because he finds them restricting!

The next weekend off comes the stabilisers hurray! Alister actually couldn't wait to be free riding his bike however he has definitely been having trouble getting his balance and learning to ride independently. He really has a tendency to give up very easily and get all flustered.

I actually came across the company and noticed they had an ingenious idea of making a child's Vest to help with the balance of riding a bike safety.

Not only is the vest padded and well made it has a nifty handle at the back for a parent to hold to help support and keep the child upright as well as gripping hold of them if they do fall off. Giving the child balance and confidence when riding. 

Alister at first was a little unsure if it would actually help him, however he was quick to whip on the vest, which comes with a large velcro and adjustable clip and fits children aged 2-7years and is safety tested to hold the weight of 7.5stone. 

He found is rather comfy and hopped on his bike. We've been using it when we can or shall i say when its not raining and the kids can get out on their bikes and so far his confidence has grown so much, he is so close to fully riding his bike independently! 

Me and Graham has found the vest great for ours backs, bending over and holding on to the seat like we used to was a killer! Now just firming holding the handle and riding along side him has made helping Alister ride much more enjoyable for all of us.


I think with a few more rides once the weather starts behaving itself Alister will be riding in no time at all and i will definitely be using the vest on Violet through the summer.

I would definitely recommend trying the BikyBiky Vest if your child needs a confidence boost to ride independently. They retail at £24.95 and can be found on

So for the Giveaway.. If you'd like to get your hands on one the these vest's,  i have a green one available for one lucky child please enter the rafflecopter below!

                                                    a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Meal Plan For The Week 19th-25th February

Gah half term is over and I've gone not worked out most of this week!! Tell me I'm not alone? Its been hard juggling the kids/ house / no routine and busyness of seeing friends and family! 
I have thoroughly enjoyed this week though the kids have been amazing and I've had some serious rest days to. 

With regards to food we've stuck to our meal plan apart from 1 day since we went out for dinner for my dads birthday but other than that I've had a really good food week!

I am actually sad that the kids will be back in to school and nursery routines in two days however we all need a break from each other and Alister has already asked when he's going back to school so he's obviously ready!

Bring on the Easter Holidays for sure though I've already started on their baskets ha!

Breakfast- Homemade Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup.
Dinner- Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels & corn on the cob.

Breakfast- Blueberry Bagel with fruit & a black coffee.
Lunch- Snacky lunch
Dinner- OUT

Breakfast- Sausages & spinach and scrambled eggs.
Lunch- Beans on toast- fruit.
Dinner- Roast Lamb

Breakfast- Porridge with chopped dates and a dust of cinnamon.
Lunch- tomato soup and a slice of wholemeal, fruit.
Dinner-Gnocchi Bolognese with green beans.

Breakfast- Blueberry bagel -Green tea.
Dinner- Homemade Fish Pie.

Breakfast- scrambled eggs with spinach - green tea.
Lunch- Prawn salad , with lots of tomatoes & avocado./ fruit
Dinner-Steak with homemade Broccoli mac & cheese.

Breakfast-Porridge with a tsp peanut butter and half chopped banana.- tea
Lunch- Left over prawn salad/ fruit.
Dinner-Smothered Pork Chops mash & peas

Check out my grocery Haul-ocado haul


Friday, 19 February 2016

A Little Bit of Family Time Goes Along Way!

We had a lovely family day on Sunday ( Valentines Day ) .
Graham had surprised us and booked breakfast at Urban Reef in Boscombe.
Probably one of our most favourite family place to go in all weathers throughout the whole of the year! Its such an easy going restaurant, they cater so well for kids with colouring packs and the staff are always really friendly. 

Although Urban Reef serve Breakfast, lunch & Dinner and we have tried all 3.. Breakfast is probably are most favourite and we always tend to love going in the owning as a family. 
They also have an easy online booking system which i use every time!

My favourite breakfast to order is the American style pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. Its so good the kids and Graham love this one to. Id also recommend the Surfs Up breakfast and Eggs Royal!

I took tons of pictures of the kids playing on Boscombe beach!  I seriously can not wait till the warmer weather comes back so we can have a paddle and full day of making sand castles and eating ice cream!

The last few weeks family time has taken a back seat, it has felt like Graham has been working constantly and I've been feeling a little frazzled, especially since the kids have had rotten colds and coughs! Its surprising though how a few hours of family time let me completely forget and feel very warm and loved all over again. I wish we could have days like this more often.
I love watching Graham have fun with the kids.

Claire x


Monday, 15 February 2016

Our Valentines Weekend | FEB 16

Although i wouldn't say I'm an avid Valentines celebrator.. I thought it would be nice since half term fell on valentines day id get organised and find some easy fun crafts and activities for the kids to do...

Im obviously wanting to share them because its a long half term week a head and these ideas are cheap, fun and simple so anyone can do them or even recreate in a different manner.

We started out by saving some toilet rolls! and doing a little DIY heart stamper with them, the kids absolutely loved it! and its a free craft to really.

Than onto some cute air drying clay gift making.. The air drying clay i found in Hobby Craft for £3 and we barely used any of it so loads left for other projects.

The kids rolled out and used heart cutters to make little gifts for their Nana and one for Daddy as well as a coupe of extra things they decided to sculpt!

Once made you leave them overnight to dry in a cool dry place.

Once dry go ahead and paint them!

We made some yummy Valentines butter biscuits-
1 cup butter
1 cup caster sugar
1 egg
3 cups flour
1.5tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
a little water if needed.
I also added some pink food dye.

Once made pop in a preheated oven 180c for 10-12 mins.

Than the kids decorated them with icing pens and sprinkles!

For lunch i found this cute heart shaped pasta in Homesense and cooked it than added Tomato soup.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know if you try and of things things over half term with your little ones and have a great week! 

Claire x


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Whats on the Bookshelf? | FEBRUARY 2016

A little bit late nearer the middle of February but i wanted to share with you whats currently on Violets book shelf although we all read together a lot.

We love switching books up however i do seriously need to find some new ones to read as the kids get bored of reading the same ones over and over...

Any suggestions would be great!

Daddys Sandwich- This is a really lovely book about a little girl that makes her daddy a sandwich with all the things he loves, it does get a bit out of control adding books and bubble bath. Fun story though and the ending is sweet.

I love Animals- Really lovely classic about a girl talking about her love for the farm animals great illustrations.

Cats Cuddles- This is about a little Kitten talking about her favourite cuddles from different friends and you have to read through guessing who's her favourite at the end.

Sleeping Beauty- Classic tale of Sleeping beauty, this one is literally the first version. Really lovely old pages and pictures!

Love is my Favourite Thing- Our most recent book about a dog called Plum she tells us about what she loves as a dog, but than gets in trouble and awful lot because she can't help but do things she loves. Great story!

Piggy Book - One of my favourites for sure, again quite an old classic about a normal family 2 boys a and working parents. Starts out with mu  doing everything and basically she has enough leaves for 1 day and the dad and kids have to fend for themselves. Its just a lovely book about appreciation really and being more independent and helping more.

Hoppe I've given you some book ideas. Have a great half term!

Claire x


Friday, 12 February 2016

Meal Plan For The Week 12th-18th February

Yay for officially 9 days of no school run!! Ive been really looking forward to this half term coming up although ask me in a couple of days how were getting on.. as I'm sure ill be pulling my hair out!!

Meal plan wise its hard to be set in stone generally as our routine is basically out the window!
We have a few playdates planned and some much needed family time.

Ive started my Beta T25 workouts this week and I'm loving it! It is slightly harder but not as bad as i thought which is a relief!

Breakfast-Porridge with tsp peanut butter and half a sliced banana.
Dinner-Homemade Pizza and corn on the cob.

Breakfast- Pancakes as of corse we can't get enough of them!
Lunch- snacky pasta lunch and fruit
Dinner- OUT

Breakfast-Grahams booked urban reef for breakfast!!
Lunch- light lunch since were having brunch!
Dinner- Roast Beef -Heres how i do my Roasties- Roasted Veggies.

Breakfast-Porridge with a tsp of peanut butter and sliced banana.- Tea
Lunch- Ham salad wrap- yogurt & fruit.
Dinner- Chilli con carne with brown rice & broccoli.

Breakfast-Crumpets with marmite my fav! and some fruit.
Lunch- Im packing a picnic to take out.
Dinner-Smoked Haddock with a home-made parsley sauce, mash & peas.

Breakfast-Pancakes with yogurt & fruit.
Lunch- out?
Dinner- Chicken & Black bean stir fry with egg noodles.

Breakfast-Sausages & scrambled eggs with spinach.
Lunch-Soup with some crusty bread - couple of dates.
Dinner-Steak with Homemade Broccoli Mac & Cheese!


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Monochrome / Stripe & Khaki OUTFIT #6

Once again I'm slacking on outfit post but it has been so cold and wet recently i haven't even wanted to go out!! 

This outfit is actually something i don't wear often or rave about.. 
Im wearing black which is a colour i don't wear ever I'm definitely more of a navy gal as you probably know!

However i loved the look of this top and randomly brought it from NewLook.
I brought it on a total whim without trying it on and instantly the fell in love with the shape and feel of this Jumper. The high boat neck is super cosy and flattering and the slouchiness of the jumper itself is surprisingly flattering to!

The sizings are S/ M /L and i brought the medium as i do worry on how things wash and just incase it shrinks! But overall it fits great.

I paired the top with some Black Jeggings again from NewLook first time trying their jeggings, 
actually and i was really happy that i could get them in the prefect leg length to.

I pulled out this old coat of mine I've had for years and honestly have only worn a handful of times! Its from H&M. I think the khaki and faux leather go really nicely with the monochrome stripes.

I do love this Tan Suede/ Leather bag from NEXT. Sadly they no longer have it online but i have linked a very similar one. Its a great over the shoulder throw on bag i call them! 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post bring on the spring i say i need some warmth!!

Claire x


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Review | Peppa Pig | Grandpa Pig's Boat Construction Set

The children have been enjoying the New Grandpa Pig's Construction Boat set. My two are obsessed with building and any sort of bricks / Duplo they can play with it for hours!

This lovely set is for ages 18 months plus, Alister being 6 even enjoyed building the boat together himself. The bricks are a great size and really help with hand eye coordination so great for those little hands! The instructions were definitely useful and easy to follow.

Once built the boat is on wheels so it can be wheeled all over the floor for an added feature. It also comes with a Grandpa pig figurine and some large stickers which Violet enjoyed sticking all over the boat!

This is a great set for all the family, nice size and easy to build. Bricks are great for hours of fun and for £19.99 it isn't badly priced either. There are also other Peppa pig sets available to build your brick city!

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