Monday, 22 February 2016

BikyBiky Vest | Review & Giveaway!

Some of you may be aware that the past couple of months we've been trying to teach Alister (age 6) to ride his bike with no stabilisers! He's had his 'big boy bike' for coming up to a year in May and has always insisted on having his stabilisers on it. However after a long winter stored away Alister growing quite a lot in the past 6 months, we took his bike to our local country park to realise that he is just way too big for his stabilisers now and moans how slow he rides because he finds them restricting!

The next weekend off comes the stabilisers hurray! Alister actually couldn't wait to be free riding his bike however he has definitely been having trouble getting his balance and learning to ride independently. He really has a tendency to give up very easily and get all flustered.

I actually came across the company and noticed they had an ingenious idea of making a child's Vest to help with the balance of riding a bike safety.

Not only is the vest padded and well made it has a nifty handle at the back for a parent to hold to help support and keep the child upright as well as gripping hold of them if they do fall off. Giving the child balance and confidence when riding. 

Alister at first was a little unsure if it would actually help him, however he was quick to whip on the vest, which comes with a large velcro and adjustable clip and fits children aged 2-7years and is safety tested to hold the weight of 7.5stone. 

He found is rather comfy and hopped on his bike. We've been using it when we can or shall i say when its not raining and the kids can get out on their bikes and so far his confidence has grown so much, he is so close to fully riding his bike independently! 

Me and Graham has found the vest great for ours backs, bending over and holding on to the seat like we used to was a killer! Now just firming holding the handle and riding along side him has made helping Alister ride much more enjoyable for all of us.


I think with a few more rides once the weather starts behaving itself Alister will be riding in no time at all and i will definitely be using the vest on Violet through the summer.

I would definitely recommend trying the BikyBiky Vest if your child needs a confidence boost to ride independently. They retail at £24.95 and can be found on

So for the Giveaway.. If you'd like to get your hands on one the these vest's,  i have a green one available for one lucky child please enter the rafflecopter below!

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