Friday, 26 February 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 26th- 3rd March

Ive been such in a hump this week... general lack of motivation and feeling a little rough to be honest! I generally love cooking but this week I've not been feeling it at all!

I hoping next week ill get my mojo back with everything cooking and working out, I didn't do much over the half term week so repeated week 2 Beta this week I'm not going to lie having a week off made this week hard!

Breakfast- English muffin toasted with peanut butter and a tea.
Dinner- Im out with friends but I've made large fish cakes for the kids and Graham so ill probably make some Homemade Chips to go with them and some mushy peas!

Breakfast- I might dig out my waffle maker this week, to have with bananas and maple syrup! black coffee needed!!
Dinner- Me and Graham will most likely get a takeaway ... i fancy and indian.

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with spinach and some of our honey sausages- coffee.
Dinner- Roast Beef with lots of Roasted Vegetables.

Breakfast- Porridge with chopped dates and cinnamon - tea.
Dinner- Simple Jackets potatoes with beans and bacon/ side salad ( this was requested by Graham)

Breakfast-scrambled eggs with spinach and half avocado.- tea.
Dinner- Tacos with Quinoa and avocado ( i usually pack the taco meat with peas and beans.)

Breakfast- Porridge with tsp peanut butter and half a banana- tea.
Dinner- Homemade Fish Pie with broccoli .

Breakfast- Slice of wholemeal toast with a pouched egg - Tea.
Dinner- Chicken Korma Curry with brown rice and Naan.

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