Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Top Tips for DIY Painting At Home!

Ive been doing a lot of decorating as of the last week.. For some reason or another i had this moment of madness where I've just wanted to get the house painted and looking how i want it. We've been here in our bungalow for 3 years and i practically stare at magnolia walls daily, the yellow was getting on my nerves to be honest!

I dragged Violet to the local Homebase for a browse and ended up spending about £80 on paint and painting essentials!! I basically had Violets help on choosing paints which was rather funny since she wanted pink everything.. however we walked out of Homebase with some gorgeous neutrals for some of the rooms in the house!

And my painting addiction began!!!..

1- Buy Testers!! Ok i can't always agree with this one since I'm terrible for just picking up any paint i like and just buying it without an actual thought! Luckily so far i have been happy with my choices.. But going out and choosing specific testers/ swatches for what you need is a definite must just so your not wasting paint or re- painting a whole room because you hate the colour!! Also taking a piece of fabric which also matches your room can really help with deciding colours.

2- Buy the basic supplies.. Paint brushes, rollers, i use the large and small ones as they are super handy for behind radiators or things you can move or small spaces. Old sheets for the floors, don't bother buying actual paint sheets they cost a fortune and sheets do the job just perfect. Frog tape is a must! I used to always use basic masking tape but honestly pay that little bit more for frog tape its so much better at sticking to walls and just about anything. And it doesn't rip off wallpaper!

3- Prep your walls... Id suggest wiping walls down with a damp cloth to remove dust or cob webs as well as skirting boards. Also fill in any holes, I had loads of tiny ones from old photo hangings, i just used the trusty Polyfilla it works a treat and dries in an hour.

4- Basic Guide to painting... Im not an expert but i find painting around the edges and detailed bits first much quicker, then going in with a roller for the bigger areas. Leave that for a couple of hours and than go in for a second coat if needed.

5- Lastly once your paint is dry make sure you really give your walls at least a night to really dry 100% before lightly pulling off your masking tape.

I think that concludes my tips... All i'd suggest if your new to painting/ decorating don't rush yourself! I've been doing 1 wall a day which has made it a doddle and quite enjoyable to!

I hope this has been helpful let me know if I've given you the urge to get motivated in changing little things in your home!

Claire x


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