Saturday, 13 February 2016

Whats on the Bookshelf? | FEBRUARY 2016

A little bit late nearer the middle of February but i wanted to share with you whats currently on Violets book shelf although we all read together a lot.

We love switching books up however i do seriously need to find some new ones to read as the kids get bored of reading the same ones over and over...

Any suggestions would be great!

Daddys Sandwich- This is a really lovely book about a little girl that makes her daddy a sandwich with all the things he loves, it does get a bit out of control adding books and bubble bath. Fun story though and the ending is sweet.

I love Animals- Really lovely classic about a girl talking about her love for the farm animals great illustrations.

Cats Cuddles- This is about a little Kitten talking about her favourite cuddles from different friends and you have to read through guessing who's her favourite at the end.

Sleeping Beauty- Classic tale of Sleeping beauty, this one is literally the first version. Really lovely old pages and pictures!

Love is my Favourite Thing- Our most recent book about a dog called Plum she tells us about what she loves as a dog, but than gets in trouble and awful lot because she can't help but do things she loves. Great story!

Piggy Book - One of my favourites for sure, again quite an old classic about a normal family 2 boys a and working parents. Starts out with mu  doing everything and basically she has enough leaves for 1 day and the dad and kids have to fend for themselves. Its just a lovely book about appreciation really and being more independent and helping more.

Hoppe I've given you some book ideas. Have a great half term!

Claire x


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