Thursday, 31 March 2016

Whats in the Kids Backpacks? | Travelling to France!

Hey everyone were heading off tomorrow to France for a mini Easter break. 
I wanted to share what I've packed in the kids bags for the long Ferry trip we have across the channel.
They are both old enough now to wear their own backpacks which is super handy for me so i can just hold my own personal belongings! 

Violet little backpack is from GAP she's had it a little while now and i love how cute it is and its rather practical with the large zippered main pocket and mini one in the front.

Violet loves colouring and drawing she can do it for hours so I've packed a scribble pad, a couple of Frozen colouring in sheets and pens/ pencils.

I also managed to pick up a counting activity learning book at the pound store which we can do together as well as some easter stampers i think both the kids will love!

Ive packed the Leappad platinum with all the games we have.. its such a fun learning tablet i would definitely recommend it for ages 3+.

Violet chose 3 of her current favourite books to read.

Lastly here favourite softs toys, a few snacks and her bottle of water.

For Alister he practically has the same colouring and multiplication learning book at an older level.
With his own pens. Aswell as his Lego 'catch that Easter Egg book' . 

We managed to find a magnetic travel game set from the charity shop and he loves these old school games so I'm sure that will kill a few hours!

He also has is Nintendo 2DS which is a gadget that he really enjoys, again id highly recommend it, its very durable.

Lastly he has the same snacks and a water bottle.

I hope this might have been a helpful post if your travelling in the near future with children! 

See you all when I'm back!

Claire x


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lechuza Planting With kids! | REVIEW

Hey Everyone I'm here to talk to you about some more Lechuza Planters! With the spring approaching and the long Easter holidays coming up, Lechuza have brought out some fun and cute mini planters for children! These planters work exactly how the others do, having a filter system built in as well as the very handy self watering aspect but just in a smaller version.

These gorgeous planters are light, durable and come in a few different colours as well as other designs. So these would great in your childs room or even outside!

The planters were very easy to set up with step by step instructions and pictures. 
The children filled them with the draining gravel provided followed by the compost. 
We planted wheatgrass for over Easter, which grows within 1-2 weeks.

These planters are great for any seeds though and once the wheatgrass has finished were likely to put in some strawberry or even some tomato seeds.

My two practically live outside playing all the time through spring and summer, these are really going to help with knowledge of how plants and even food grow. Violet especially was very interested and has been watching her seeds like a hawk!

The little tubes on the side are the gauge to measure if theres enough water in the planters, you can fill the pots right up and watch the gauge rise and sink down to keep track of when it needs topping up.

Our grass has been an amazing decorative feature over Easter and grew super quick in the planters.
I would highly recommend giving the Lechuza planters ago, they'd also be a lovely gift.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Creme Egg No Bake Cheesecake...


I always host a fun Easter Party on Easter Sunday.. Usually i make cupcakes or a family member brings some sort of homemade cake..  This year i decided on a cheese cake. I do love a cream egg even if they do taste a little different than they used to.

A cream egg no bake cheesecake was what i was aiming for and i really think i hit the spot! You can decorate the cheesecake how you like I'm just sharing the basic recipe of the base and cheesecake itself. And oh my it tasted amazing!!

let me know if you give it a go.. its so simple!


150g Butter
500g Chocolate Digestives
540g Creme Cheese
150g Icing sugar
8 cream eggs

Mini eggs/ cream egg
Milky Way crispy rolls

First off melt the butter and blitz the biscuits in a blender.. Combine until it resembles something like a sandy texture.

Pop in your 7-10" Tin with a loose bottom would be ideal but not essential. Press down the mixture until even than place in your fridge until set.. usually up to an hour.

For the Cheesecake filling combine the cream cheese and icing sugar.
Than what i did next was put the creme eggs in the microwave for about 30sec to melt slightly.
Add them to the cheesecake mixture, try not to overwork.

Once mixed pull out your base and spread over the mixture evenly.

Than top the cheesecake as you like!
 I popped mini eggs around the side and sprinkled over a crushed flake and lastly topped with a Creme egg!

Pop back in the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

I decided to half the milky way crispy rolls and place them around the side.

Let me know if you give this recipe a go!!

Claire x


Saturday, 26 March 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 25th- 31st March

First Week of the Easter Holidays! YAY I'm very excited and happy not to be doing school runs for 2 weeks! We also have a short week so less cooking and just packing since were going away to France on Friday!!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter Holiday lets hope the weather cheers up a bit!

FRIDAY- Homemade Pizza with corn on the cob.


SUNDAY- Left over easter lunch from the party?

MONDAY- Smoked Salmon & cream cheese / spinach Bagels.

TUESDAY- Bangers & Mash with broccoli & gravy.

WEDNESDAY- Duck Crown Roasted with new potatoes & sautéed Red cabbage.

THURSDAY- Salmon Encroute with steamed greens.



Thursday, 24 March 2016

My Week In Pictures 14th- 19th March

I haven't posted a 'week in pictures' in forever so thought id share some with you from last week.. We seem to be venturing out more and ditching the soft plays since he weather has been warmer and dryer. 

Monday i made pancakes since i was super poorly on the sunday and felt like i really needed some energy, i also had been up since 3 am after sleeping like crazy with a horrid migraine.

I also had a lovely Re-shuffle of the kitchen cupboard. The kids had so many tiny plastic plates that they didn't use. It was good to declutter the space!

We had a family day on Saturday, went to the cinema to watch Kung Fo Panda 3 which was brilliant and headed to Nandos for lunch for the first time in years!

Oh more pancake pictures.. were obsessed and its kind of tradition for a weekend!

Last two pictures of Violet enjoying the spring weather, we took the dogs for a walk.

Alister has been really getting into reading more to me, and I'm honestly loving his enthusiasm. Its taken a long time for him to get here and i just hope it continues.

Me and Violet went to Victoria Country Park with friends for the day on Tuesday, it was a gorgeous day, she had fun in the park and had a walk down to the stony beach.

Still enjoying the spring weather watching Miss Wiggy enjoy her fruit with her babies, i also was excited to get my washing on the line for the first time this year!

Smoothie and crumpet lunch for me on Wednesday! I had a sit down after blitzing the house!

I took my mum to Salisbury for lunch and a walk round the cathedral, it was her birthday so it was nice to spend some time with her.

I curled my hair, something i usually can't be bothered to do! Im still debating whether to grow my hair out or have the chop!

Loving my Dorset Cereals Blueberry Muesli for breakfast lately.

Alister the pro chicken catcher, can't help himself when we were going for a walk through the field to check on some lambs!

We brought home a little orphan lamb that was abandoned. Alister named her Rosie and she's absolutely gorgeous!

I had Covent Garden- Skinny Minestrone soup for lunch which was delicious and full of flavour i would definitely recommend it.

We baked Maple Syrup cupcakes on Friday, i had the kiddies off school since they both had sticky eyes.

We did a lot of indoor games like building blocks and reading as well watching many movies!

The kids morning routine at the moment is feeding Rosie and they love it! 

I made Spring Chicken for dinner one evening, its definitely a family favourite and is a Nigella Lawson recipe.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Whats in the Kids Easter Bags 2016!

Another Easter is nearly approaching, i have to say i love Spring its probably my most favourite Season. I also have loved making Easter a 'Tradition' for the children, with Easter bags and a little party/  egg hunt which we've been doing for the last 3 years.

So anyway heres whats in the children's Easter Bags this year.. ill leave the last two years linked below if your looking for more inspiration for younger children.

I think the whole idea with doing an Easter 'bag' or 'basket' is that you can make Easter a little more interesting instead of just having chocolate eggs. Even making it more Educational with interesting Easter books on why we celebrate it.. This idea is also great if your children have allergies!

So first up here is the contents of Alisters Easter bag, he will be 7 in may! 
Ive put in a couple of chocolate treats of course but i never go overboard with chocolate since they always get eggs from family members also.

He has this very cool Lego City Follow that Easter Egg Book , he's obsessed with Lego and i really thought this would suit him!

Easter stickers.

The Lorax DVD they've both seen this once and loved it!

A painting craft from hobby Craft.

Lush Bunch of Carrots reusable bath bubble bar.

Last years Lindt bunny ears.

Violet has got a few different things again a couple of these items like the bath bombs and dvd'd are to share between them.

Violet also has a Easter craft.

Some chocolate treats.

Some cute vintage bunny ears from last year brought in Homesense.

Also some stickers.

A cute money box shaped as a rabbit from the pound store.

Plush Bunny Soft Toy from Ebay which is rather cute.

I do have quite a few crafts for the children but here are just a couple from Home bargains the kids can do over the half term as well as these yummy chocolate eggs i picked up from the Pound store.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post. Feel free to check out my video below!

Claire x


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Meal Plan For The Week 19th- 24th March

Our meal plan for next week.. The last week before the Easter Holidays! Im not going to lie I'm excited for no rush of the school run and for some trips out and quality time together!

Dinner- Cottage Pie topped with Sweet post mash & greens.

Dinner- Slow cooker Lamb Curry with rice and popadoms.

Dinner- Fish and Homemade chips with mushy peas.

Dinner- I'm out wit friends.. Graham will most lily sort himself and kids out.

Dinner- Sausage & spinach Bolognese with spaghetti.

Dinner- Homemade Pizza with corn on the cob.

Waitrose grocery Haul-


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Peppa Pig Holiday Sunshine Villa Review

Violet has been really enjoying playing with the Holiday Sunshine Villa by Peppa Pig.
This is a lovely open up playset which comes with tons of accessories. The holiday villa set really gets you in the mood for talking about future holidays and previous things we've done on holidays.

The villa itself locks and has a carry handle which is great for taking around the house or even away with you, Violet has enjoyed getting it out and setting all the characters up as well as packing it away and carrying to her room.

The villa includes some fun holiday accessories such as a paddling pool, barbecue, sun loungers and umbrella and of course Peppa and George Pig.

Some extra features in the house include a bunk bed and ladder and a shower.  I love all the detail also of inside the villa its really colourful and realistic.

The Holiday Villa is a great size and keeps the kids entertained for ages as theres lots to do and play with. Its for ages 3 years + and retails at £29.99

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