Saturday, 5 March 2016

Blue Kangaroo | Book Review & Giveaway!

The Children have recently received a lovely trio of books by Harper Collins Publisher.
The set is about a little girl who gets a gift from Grandma when her little brother is born.. the gift was a Blue Kangaroo. Lily immediately falls in love with him and thats where the story starts.

The first book the children have been reading is called 'When i first met you' . The story is about Lily and the day her new baby brother was born, she tried so hard to help him and look after him but she kept doing everything wrong and was upset that he didn't love her. Grandma brought a gift for Lily which was a cuddly toy, it was blue and had a long tail and Lily called him Blue Kangaroo.

Blue Kangaroo was there to help her be more gentle and for Lily to have something to care for of her own. Blue Kangaroo and Lily became inseparable.

The story is really lovely written and makes a clear message that a child should not feel less loved when a new baby comes into the family,  And that they should feel proud about being a big brother or sister.

The second book in the trio which is probably Violets favourite and we read every night twice!

Its called 'Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo'. It is Lily's & Blue Kangaroos Birthday and they are having a Party, Everything has to be pink because Lily's favourite colour is pink. The cake, decorations, costumes, party games you name it everything is pink!

Blue Kangaroo gets a little overwhelmed with all of the guests and that everything was pink.
Blue Kangaroo began to think that Lily won't love him anymore because he is blue and she prefers pink. Blue Kangaroo then leaves the party in a sulk and tries to make himself pink with pink butter cream icing. Lily goes to find Blue Kangaroo to show him that of course she still loves him and dresses from head to toe in Blue to make him feel better.

The third book the children have been enjoying is called 'Where are you, Blue Kangaroo?' 
Lily take Blue Kangaroo everywhere with her and begins to leave him in different places like on the bus and even in the zoo. One day Lily really thought she had lost Blue kangaroo forever and couldn't find him anywhere. Blue Kangaroo had hidden himself because he was worried he'd never see Lily again as she keeps miss placing him. Lily found Blue Kangaroo and realised she really needed to pay much more attention to where she's puts him down as she would never want to lose him, she loves him.

All in all these books are really great reads for all the family and hold such a special message in each of them.

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This is a collaboration with Harper Collins Publisher.


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