Friday, 4 March 2016

Dorset Cereals | Berry Muesli Review

Hello Everyone, I recently received a lovely hamper of goodies from Dorset Cereals promoting there lovely new range of healthy Muesli. 
The New additions to the Dorset Cereal Family are called Beautiful Blueberry which is a blend of yummy fragrant blueberries, red currants and cranberries juicy raisins and multigrain flakes.

Theres a Limited Addition Raspberry and white chocolate so get your hands on this one quick! It has a combination of zingy Raspberries, cranberries and multigrain flakes with the added yumminess of white right amount of white chocolate flakes for a hint of indulgence!

The really have enjoyed the Raspberry and White chocolate Muesli its really tasty and not overly sweet. the raspberries definitely have a zing and are full of flavour.
This 685g box retails at £3.79 and can be brought from Sainsbury's nationwide from March.

Probably my favourite out of the two muesli's is the Beautiful Blueberry. I love blueberries and the taste of these are amazing, they are still so plump and juicy and really come to life with a splash a cold milk. I also find that nothing else is needed other than milk, the sweetness of the muesli is perfect and really filling.

Again this 700g box can be brought in Sainsburys for £3.79 from March.

I have really enjoyed topping the muesli's with fresh fruit the kids love it to!


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