Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Lechuza Planting With kids! | REVIEW

Hey Everyone I'm here to talk to you about some more Lechuza Planters! With the spring approaching and the long Easter holidays coming up, Lechuza have brought out some fun and cute mini planters for children! These planters work exactly how the others do, having a filter system built in as well as the very handy self watering aspect but just in a smaller version.

These gorgeous planters are light, durable and come in a few different colours as well as other designs. So these would great in your childs room or even outside!

The planters were very easy to set up with step by step instructions and pictures. 
The children filled them with the draining gravel provided followed by the compost. 
We planted wheatgrass for over Easter, which grows within 1-2 weeks.

These planters are great for any seeds though and once the wheatgrass has finished were likely to put in some strawberry or even some tomato seeds.

My two practically live outside playing all the time through spring and summer, these are really going to help with knowledge of how plants and even food grow. Violet especially was very interested and has been watching her seeds like a hawk!

The little tubes on the side are the gauge to measure if theres enough water in the planters, you can fill the pots right up and watch the gauge rise and sink down to keep track of when it needs topping up.

Our grass has been an amazing decorative feature over Easter and grew super quick in the planters.
I would highly recommend giving the Lechuza planters ago, they'd also be a lovely gift.


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