Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Whats in the Kids Easter Bags 2016!

Another Easter is nearly approaching, i have to say i love Spring its probably my most favourite Season. I also have loved making Easter a 'Tradition' for the children, with Easter bags and a little party/  egg hunt which we've been doing for the last 3 years.

So anyway heres whats in the children's Easter Bags this year.. ill leave the last two years linked below if your looking for more inspiration for younger children.

I think the whole idea with doing an Easter 'bag' or 'basket' is that you can make Easter a little more interesting instead of just having chocolate eggs. Even making it more Educational with interesting Easter books on why we celebrate it.. This idea is also great if your children have allergies!

So first up here is the contents of Alisters Easter bag, he will be 7 in may! 
Ive put in a couple of chocolate treats of course but i never go overboard with chocolate since they always get eggs from family members also.

He has this very cool Lego City Follow that Easter Egg Book , he's obsessed with Lego and i really thought this would suit him!

Easter stickers.

The Lorax DVD they've both seen this once and loved it!

A painting craft from hobby Craft.

Lush Bunch of Carrots reusable bath bubble bar.

Last years Lindt bunny ears.

Violet has got a few different things again a couple of these items like the bath bombs and dvd'd are to share between them.

Violet also has a Easter craft.

Some chocolate treats.

Some cute vintage bunny ears from last year brought in Homesense.

Also some stickers.

A cute money box shaped as a rabbit from the pound store.

Plush Bunny Soft Toy from Ebay which is rather cute.

I do have quite a few crafts for the children but here are just a couple from Home bargains the kids can do over the half term as well as these yummy chocolate eggs i picked up from the Pound store.

I really hope you've enjoyed this post. Feel free to check out my video below!

Claire x


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