Friday, 22 April 2016

Book Review & Giveaway | TIDY by Emily Gravett


We've recently been enjoying the beautifully illustrated book called Tidy By Emily Gravett.
The children and i love to read together and this gorgeous rhyming book has been a great read.

The book is about a cheerful little badger who is obsessed with things being tidy..  however living in the forest not all things can be as neat and tidy as he'd like it. Pete the badger than decides he'd tidy up the forest by removing things.. One by one Pete bags up the leaves from the trees.. but wasn't happy with the bareness of his surrounding, so than decided to call in the diggers to dig them all up.


The weather takes a turn for the worst and washes up the ground with a huge flood, the whole place is now covered in horrid mud and Pete is not happy.

Pete than has a genius idea to lay down some concrete so everything could be perfectly neat and tidy all of the time.

After a few hours Pete gets a bit hungry and decides he needs to search for some food.. however theres nothing about, no beetles or bugs, they are all under the concrete, he than realised his house was also under the concrete buried underground.

Pete laid awake all night realising he made a huge mistake and decides to dig up the concrete in the morning to put everything right.

Pete receives lots of help from th either animals, and put every tree and plant back where it came from. Nothing was super neat or tidy but Pete didn't mind he'd promised to tidy less.

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