Sunday, 10 April 2016

Out with the Winter.. in with the Spring! | Wardrobe refresh...

Its that time of year again its officially Spring, although to be honest it is still bloody cold here ha! 
I came back from France a few days ago.. the weather there was slightly warmer and had this urge to purge out my dull winter wardrobe and start adding some brighter pastel tons back in to my wardrobe.

I generally do this every season, so i just went to my 're-stocking' wardrobe if you could call it that! and went through my spring like attire from previous years. I have my old staples and some new bits that I've picked up over the sales and in store.

Heres my dull and dark wardrobe to start with, i mainly swap out the dark shirts, I'm pretty much obsessed with cotton shirts for daytime they are super comfy and easy to dress up and down.

Here are a few that i swapped out since i really felt they looked my autumnal and most are thick.
I also went through my draw of basics and pulled out my wooly dark jumpers and stored them away for next A/W.

Heres some pieces i swapped in, like i said some old staples that I've had for years that i just love and a couple of newer pieces. I didn't go all out and bring in summery dress and stripy tops, ill do that probably around May when i can actually wear those pieces hopefully!

Theres definitely still a bit of work to do with bringing in some summer bits.. lets just hope we get a good summer this year!


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