Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Imaginative Play | Climbing Frames

I don't know about you, but as a child i did nothing more then play outdoors, my whole childhood was based around being outside and getting dirty and creative! I have very vivid memories of building dens and making 'potions' with my older siblings.

Climbing frames are great for creative play you can practically come up with any idea to turn your climbing equipment into something out this world with just your imagination. My children very much enjoy the freedom of exploring nature and getting their hands messy.

Do your children like to play outside and what do they enjoy doing the most?

Alister and Violet both enjoying making tents and dens around the climbing equipment, imagining they are both trapped on a desert island surrounded by sharks, or if Alister is taking on Violet role of creative play he does like to pretend he's the knight climbing to save princess Violet in the tower which is quite amusing!

They both also love nothing more then helping me plant every year, they are very hands on with the beginning of planting the little seedings inside and watering them and now were just about ready to find the plants new homes and continue to grow them into vegetables. Its so great for the children to know exactly where their food comes from and i find this the best way. For them both to actually do it hands on themselves.

Why do you think its important for children to spend more time outside?

I think its so important for children to get as much fresh air as possible not only is it good for them, the vitamin D on their skin but also it really wears them out to which can be useful if its evening time, sometimes just letting them run free in a field for 5-10mins can really help settle them before bedtime, at least thats what really helps my two.

Also getting away from the 21st century of technology is great for everybody not just the children. Turning off the tablets and TV can help with family bonding time, pulling out the bat and ball set or just taking a trip to the park to play on the swings or climbing equipment.

I must admit my two children are probably the most behaved when outside theres no bickering over who's got what. I do notice a great bond between them when they both have their imaginative heads on creating a new game to play together.

Do you think Tablets and TV are stopping children from socialising and being outside more?

I personally think that as long as there is a time limit and the tablets/ tv aren't used excessively. Everything in moderation is fine as long as there is boundaries. There are some great learning apps available on tablets these days so they can also learn a lot from the odd usage.

My son Alister enjoys his Nintendo DS but he is only allowed on it for 30mins /1 hour after school once his homework is complete, id say its kind of a reward to him which is a good way of looking at it.

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