Thursday, 30 June 2016

Starting School and Returning to Work

Hey everyone.. With Violet starting school in just a couple of months now i wanted to have a little heart to heart on how I'm feeling about the whole situation. Im sure we all as mothers/ parents get to this stage in the children's life where they are ready to grow and head to be independent little people but we just want to hold on to them forever.

I had the same anxiousness before Alister went to school 3 years ago.. i think the difference now for me, the big change that is gong to happen that I'm dreading is that I'm no longer going to be the 'stay at home mum' anymore ... my babies are growing and its time for me to head out in to the world and find myself.

Sometimes i think positively about it, like the children are so much fun and we share some great moments together now they are just that little bit older, Losing my little sidekick daily is gong to be hard, I'm dreading the day i am home alone for basically 5 days a week once I've done the school run in the morning at least until i find myself again.

I am however really looking forward to the summer holidays and spending 8 long weeks with Violet and Alister.. lets hope the weather improves since its like winter right now and I'm wrapped in my blanket on the sofa!

Ive recently updated and created a brand new CV which wasn't that difficult as there are many templates online you can use the only thing I've struggled with is the 'GAP' in the workplace and finding suitable references. I am happy with it though I'm just hoping people will look beyond the CV itself and employe me for me.

Anyway onwards and upwards and thinking to the summer Holidays and enjoying everyday with my little girl and boy of course before they grow and fly the nest in September.

If theres one thing to get excited about is that I'm looking forward to seeing how Violet copes and grows in the schooling environment, she's so ready to learn and it will be amazing to see her confidence build over time.

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories if you also feeling similar to me and not wanting to let go.. i know a lot of people have to do this step earlier if returning to work etc.. its definitely felt good to get it out.

Claire x

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Murder Mystery Evening | West Compton Manor

Hey everyone a week or so ago i was invited to go to a  'murder mystery' evening at West Compton Manor in Dorchester. I had not been anything like this before so was really excited to get the chance to experience something totally different for evening entertainment.

West Compton Manor is a beautiful bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Dorchester, the hotel itself has only 3 bedrooms. The Green Room, Rose Suite and Balcony Room. There are fields and fields surrounding the Boutique B&B, a perfect place for relaxation and a mini break.

The whole evening was held in the manor itself, the theatrical staff that put on the murder mystery were amazing and greeted us in character from arrival.

The murder mystery was based on a character ' the father' called Ed. N Buried that had died or was murdered and we were attending his Wake, so had to dress accordingly.

Me and Graham were first greeted by the Butler once we arrived, Called Ben he escorted us in to the library for cocktails with the other people attending the Wake. It felt really real once the story came alive with the theatrical staff starting off the story.

The evening started with dinner, the staff were brilliant and had arranged the food as well as playing the acting parts which is something i really didn't realise till the end.

We had a 4 course meal, the starter was Grilled mushroom, stuffed with a garlic cheese on rocket which as delicious! The main was beef goulash, mashed potato severed with seasonal veg, again really tasty, only concern was the mashed potato was over seasoned. Lastly the desert was Panna Cotta with an expresso glaze very delicious and sweet!

We had a fabulous evening, it ended with finding out who the murderer was and having a good chat with the characters. Wine was flowing and a yummy cheeseboard was bought out.

All in all such a memorable evening, would love to do it all again, Graham thoroughly enjoyed himself and would definitely recommend it!

Big thank you to Vicky for arranging the evening as well as Ashley for being a great host.
And all the cast for putting on a great show!

Don't forget to check out my Video of the evening!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Meal Plan For The Week 27th June - 3rd July

Meal plan for this week, i haven't shared one in ages, although I've still been quite organised with doing it.. i do worry things are very repetitive though some weeks so can get a tad boring or not that inspiring!

Anyway i went for an Ocado order this week which will arrive Monday, Alister has a random inset day so thought it would be a lot easier to get the food delivered. He's also got a friend coming over, as his mum has to work, it will be great for him to have a whole day with his buddy though, fingers crossed the weather is good so they can have a swim in the pool!

MONDAY- Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels with a side salad and olives yum! Simple and light because the kids have Karate.

TUESDAY- Turkey meatballs and spaghetti. This we tried last week from the lean in 15 book. Went down a treat with the children.

WEDNESDAY- Graham made beef burgers with brioche buns and sweet potato fries.

THURSDAY- Taco's and brown rice, a dish we haven't had in forever!!

FRIDAY- Chicken in a home-made peanut sauce with stir fry and noodles.

SATURDAY- Takeaway night!!

SUNDAY- MudFood pies from the farmers markets with veggies.

Check out my meals for the week for my inspiration- 


Friday, 24 June 2016

What I'm wearing to.. | BML16!

This is my 2nd year of the britmums live blogger conference.. I'm so excited for this year not only am i going with lots of other lovely mummies and meeting some there.. i also feel way more at ease than last year.. my blog was still being established and i was definitely still finding my feet in the blogging world!

Its going to be such a fun experience this year and although i can't say I've been super organised at getting ready for BML, i have finally decided on my outfits!

BML have now squished the two days together, so instead of Britmums being over Friday and Saturday, it is now only on the Saturday, however me and my friends Sophie from Sophieandlily are heading up on the Friday and staying over. Were meeting some other ladies for drinks/ dinner on the Friday. So a little 'pre- BML' get together which means i can get a little bit dressy!

Im terrible at deciding on outfits, most things need to match but o have overpacking, as were travelling up to London and using tubes etc the last thing i want to do is be dragging a really heavy suitcase about!

Having said that he weather is so all over the place i kind of feel like i need a second option just in case!

My evening outfit consists of this dress from Next, and the jacket is also Next ( similar ).
My shoes are from Primark quite recent and my bag is from the White Stuff.

This is supposedly my Britmums outfit.. i do however have a back up of a dress from Matalan incase its a little warmer than expected!

My shirt is from Oasis, jeggings are from Primark, shoes from Clarks and my bag is from Johnlewis ( sold out though i got it in the clearance) Necklace Primark!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know if your going to BML16 would love to meet!

Claire x


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Home Renovation | Updating the Hallway..

For a very long time I've been staring at our magnolia/ yellowy walls in the hallway, covered in fingerprints from the kids, pens marks and just general grime for a long time! Having the time has been the challenge to get it freshly painted and to be honest not wanting to do it too soon, i mean when the children are too young as you know they will continue to mark the walls!

Thankfully i think now we've come to a point with my two aged 7 and 4.5 years that we've drawn a line in the decorating the walls in felt tip pen.. at least i hope so and it hasn't happened for a very long time.

I bit the bullet last week, went to Hombase and picked out some paint, i went for Jasmine white, only because we used it in our previous house and i loved the fresh feel without it being starking white.

I also went for a satin finish for extra brightness and easy wipe clean.
On the wood work i used white gloss paint.

I took me about 2-3 days max, not the full days but a good 3-4 hours each day.
Im so happy with the results, i also decluttered the hallway, its surprising how much stuff can accumulate in one small place!!

Sadly i have no before pictures which always happens i forget and just crack on with painting .. however heres the after.. let me know what you think..

We still have doors to change all over the house to either white or a light oak I'm still undecided.

Im also in the process of painting out front door! which I'm so excited about, i think its really going to bring the house upto date, because at the moment its the mahogany brown which is very dated in my opinion!

These frames are from Matalan .. but currently no longer available here are similar- M&S.

Bird print is from The range ( old ) 

Mirroris old from The range, and the wooden storage shelf is from NEXT. Would highly recommend this piece, is very good quality and still looks new after over 3 years!

House rules canvas is from NEXT ( old )

Picture frame is old from NEXT also. 
The blinds are from IKEA.

Rug Matalan and the storage basket is from Homesense.

I really hope you enjoyed this post.. I'm hoping to add a few extra bits along the way and hopefully my posts on interior!

Claire x


Saturday, 11 June 2016

Half Term Week in Pictures 30th May- 5th June

I thought id do our half term week in pictures since we've had a busy week, I've been totally exhausted to be honest! The kids though have been so good with their behaviour, a little bit of normal bickering which is nothing unusual , but general day to day when we've been out they have been so helpful and just really grateful.

The weather has also been so good this week which has been a huge bonus with getting outdoors and keeping busy the whole day.

Kids lunches for the Monday, i rarely get to do these anymore since they both eat at school and nursery often. Its nice to get creative with food for them, they also loved the Falafels!

Reminsing about the beach day we had at Heingsbury Head.. i love this shot with the beach houses behind Violet, it was a glorious day!

We had a new addition added to the family, a little bull calf, Alister named him Dave, sadly though he was too sick and didn't survive.. we will definitely always remember him though such a little fighter.

I made some yummy Marshmallow rice krispie bites for my sisters 13th Birthday! They are so simple and delicious!

On Monday the weather was a little overcast in the morning so we decided to take the bikes to the park. I had a proper mummy cry when Alister hopped on his bike and rode in the wind like a pro!

Theres a little video on my Instagram if you want to check it out! - Violetmae30.

We ventured out to the Weymouth Sealife Centre on Wednesday, weather was iffy but non the less we had a fab time, it was rather busy though! but worth a full day out the kids loved it!

I had a good old spring clean, i love nothing more than clean sheets, id have them daily if i could be bothered to wash them everyday!! 

I can't believe were actually in June, where did time go? Half way through the year already! I love this shot of the girls on their bikes in the sunshine.

We had a trip to Furzey Gardens on Thursday, what a beautiful place to visit, i would definitely recommend. There are 33 fairy doors to find around the beautiful gardens. The kids loved it as did i! The weather was hot which made it a bonus for sure.

Lastly Violet received this beautiful handmade Fairy Frame from Peaandroos definitely go check out her page, she makes some beautiful customised fairy items!

On Saturday we had a family home day and did a spot of gardening. We all went to homebase to pick out some pretty flowers. I was drawn to the lilacs and whites this time!

Porridge oh porridge i can't get enough of the Flahavans porridge its so delicious especially with medjool dates!

I took this lovely floral picture of Violet when we were at Furzey Gardens and had to share it!

My boy doing what he does best, climbing and looking for different bugs and things to talk about!

I found a new home for the Fairy Frame on Violets shelf above her bed, the colours go beautifully with her bedroom.

I had eggs on Sunday for breakfast, i tend to go for a sweet breakfast most days, no i del why but i do love some scrambled eggs with spinach, and of course i had to have my frothy coffee from my new Nespresso.. Slightly addicted!!

Well i really hope you enjoyed this post i really hope you had a great half term week like we did! 
I was full on and to be honest i was a zombie by the end of the week but it was well worth it!

Claire x


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Life Lately June 16

Hey everyone i wanted to just put my thoughts on to 'paper' I've generally been feeling really happy with life lately, not that I'm usually down about my life, but sometimes i can get bogged down with so much stuff on my shoulders to do, whether it be on my blog or videos, managing a house and looking after two children.

Life has been good, as your probably aware if you watch my videos I'm back working out and have a pretty good routine during the week, i generally go to the gym and do my usual cardio/ weights mon/ weds & fri. Im also doing Spinning with my friend on Tuesdays and Saturdays which i am slightly addicted to. Its such a good workout and i get to have a good chat and catch up with a friend!

The kids have been great lately, I've really felt like all of a sudden both of them have 'grown up' . We have great conversations and lovely giggles most days. Don't get me wrong they both do still bicker like normal siblings, however especially over the half term week they were so well behaved when we were out and we had some great days together. Im actually really looking forward to the long summer holidays!

As for house work and getting on top of things, well I'm not going to lie half term week the house took a back seat for sure! But thankfully the weather was so good we were out all day, which means when we got home we came back to a tidy home most days result! I did catch up on my ironing since the pile was huge, other than day to day normal chores i haven't done anything drastic.

We went to home base yesterday to buy some plants since my tractor tyres were looking a little sorry for them selves. Me and Violet had fun picking out some pretty blooms, for some reason i was really drawn to white and lilac flowers!

Well on to the garden.. the pool is coming together, the liner is in, the pool is filled and cleaned, Graham still needs to clean the steps, pop in the chlorine and turn on the heater!
I can't wait to have my first dip this year!

The garden is still a working progress, the pool has been the main priority since the liner needed changing, however hopefully now thats done, the decking can get laid and we can have our entertaining area sorted and start having people over in the next few weeks for pool parties and barbecues! Lets just hope the weather holds out!

Back to school and nursery for the children, routine is generally really good for all of us. It does with me getting on top of chores and work in need to do on my blog etc to, i really do find it hard to focus when the children are about and in the evenings thats when me and Graham have 'our time'.

Britmums is just around the corner and i really can't wait to go back this year.. last year was great but i did feel rather shy and nervous since Blogging was still quite new. Im also going up with a few lovely girlys and meeting some other ladies there so it should be a fun weekend!

Let me know if your going, I'm sure we could arrange a meet up!

Well thats pretty much life lately I'm feeling rather happy and content.

Claire x


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Meal Plan for the Week 30th May- 5th June

Half term week has arrived yay and I've planned some yummy yet simple dinners for this week since we are very busy with days out planned and generally i just want an easy chilled life this week ha!

Im back at the gym and have still been enjoying spinning twice a week, I've really got my fitness mojo back recently. It has also been helping with my food to and sticking to a 'clean' diet. Although over the weekend i have definitely enjoyed a shed load of cake and wine lol.

MONDAY- Steak Burgers in brioche buns & salad.

TUESDAY- Skewered chicken and lamb kebabs with buttery new potatoes.

WEDNESDAY- Hot dogs & corn on the cob.

THURSDAY- Steak with roasted sweet potato & butternut squash with steamed greens.

FRIDAY- Jacket potatoes, with homemade chilli con carnie / homemade guacamole ad sour cream.


SUNDAY- Roast chicken.

I hope your all having a great half term.. I'm exhausted already its been super busy, but enjoying every second of it!

Claire x

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