Sunday, 5 June 2016

Life Lately June 16

Hey everyone i wanted to just put my thoughts on to 'paper' I've generally been feeling really happy with life lately, not that I'm usually down about my life, but sometimes i can get bogged down with so much stuff on my shoulders to do, whether it be on my blog or videos, managing a house and looking after two children.

Life has been good, as your probably aware if you watch my videos I'm back working out and have a pretty good routine during the week, i generally go to the gym and do my usual cardio/ weights mon/ weds & fri. Im also doing Spinning with my friend on Tuesdays and Saturdays which i am slightly addicted to. Its such a good workout and i get to have a good chat and catch up with a friend!

The kids have been great lately, I've really felt like all of a sudden both of them have 'grown up' . We have great conversations and lovely giggles most days. Don't get me wrong they both do still bicker like normal siblings, however especially over the half term week they were so well behaved when we were out and we had some great days together. Im actually really looking forward to the long summer holidays!

As for house work and getting on top of things, well I'm not going to lie half term week the house took a back seat for sure! But thankfully the weather was so good we were out all day, which means when we got home we came back to a tidy home most days result! I did catch up on my ironing since the pile was huge, other than day to day normal chores i haven't done anything drastic.

We went to home base yesterday to buy some plants since my tractor tyres were looking a little sorry for them selves. Me and Violet had fun picking out some pretty blooms, for some reason i was really drawn to white and lilac flowers!

Well on to the garden.. the pool is coming together, the liner is in, the pool is filled and cleaned, Graham still needs to clean the steps, pop in the chlorine and turn on the heater!
I can't wait to have my first dip this year!

The garden is still a working progress, the pool has been the main priority since the liner needed changing, however hopefully now thats done, the decking can get laid and we can have our entertaining area sorted and start having people over in the next few weeks for pool parties and barbecues! Lets just hope the weather holds out!

Back to school and nursery for the children, routine is generally really good for all of us. It does with me getting on top of chores and work in need to do on my blog etc to, i really do find it hard to focus when the children are about and in the evenings thats when me and Graham have 'our time'.

Britmums is just around the corner and i really can't wait to go back this year.. last year was great but i did feel rather shy and nervous since Blogging was still quite new. Im also going up with a few lovely girlys and meeting some other ladies there so it should be a fun weekend!

Let me know if your going, I'm sure we could arrange a meet up!

Well thats pretty much life lately I'm feeling rather happy and content.

Claire x


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