Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Starting off the Summer Holidays 20th July 2016


We've officially got no school starting from tomorrow woohoo.. I can't tell you how happy i am not to do the school run for the next 6 weeks! Im sure i'll eat my words in a few days when the kids decide to play me up.. however as of now I'm so happy to have both my beautiful children at home with me.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last few days, you could say a tad too hot, although i don't want to complain about it since the sun really puts me in such a good mood and the kiddies enjoy playing outside in the pool, it make entertaining the kids a doddle when the weather is dry!

So whats all your plans for summer? We have a few things tucked up our sleeves .. from a coulpe of trips out.. one being to watch the BFG in the cinema which I'm sooo excited about. We also have planned a couple of family days at local National Trust parks.

My definite plan for over summer is to get outside a lot with the children but without spending much money, exploring the new forest, and country parks, taking picnics.

We also have our family holiday coming up which we booked back in January!!! Time has flown by though and now we have under a month till we head off to ITALY!!

We are going on a 'fly cruise' Jetting off to La Palme Spain and hopping on our cruise from there and travelling around beautiful Italy.. docking a few days at some amazing places, such a Sicily and Sorrento to name a couple. I honestly can not wait to see the children's faces when we arrive.. they haven't even been on a plane before so this is definitely a holiday of all new experiences!

I really hope you all have a fabulous summer come rain or shine.. Im still enjoying filming my weekly Vlogs and really hope your like them to.. so hopefully those will keep you updated on what we get up to. As to be honest i do find it tough getting on her and writing down my thoughts somedays.. theres just not enough others in the day i tell you!

Claire x

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