Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Our Day 3rd August | Moores Valley Country Park

One of our favourite places to go to locally is Moores Valley Country Park.
As its very local i know  a few short cuts for free parking and we tend to walk in every time.
Not only does it make it a free day out if you pack a picnic but it also puts on a couple of extra miles of forest walking which is something me and the kids enjoy. This particular day my phone tracked us walking over 5 miles which is pretty good for little ones!

Definitely check it out if your in the area it has great trails, climbing areas, a beautiful lake, steam train rides and you can also hire bikes or book in for go Ape!

Heres quite a few photos that i took while out and about on a beautiful sunny day through the school holidays. Anything to get the kids out in the sunshine and wear them out is a must really! 


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