Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Violet and Peppa Go To School | Personalised Children's Book by Penwizard & Giveaway!

Hey everyone as you may be aware Violet will be starting school very soon, too soon for me to be honest it will definitely be hard to let my 'baby' grow up and head to big school. However she is really looking forward to it and making new friends and especially learning.. she is so ready to crack on and learn! 

I recently got a lovely email from Penwizard, a company who personalise books. By personalise i mean they add in your childs name or and specific name you would like to the book which gives it that extra special touch when reading it to your loved one.

Violet received a lovely book called 'Violet and Peppa Go To School'. As you can imagine Violet was amazed that her name was in the story as i read it to her. Even the little picture resembled Violet with her blonde hair and green eyes!

Violet is naturally quite a quiet and shy kind of girl and does sometimes find it hard to tell me how she's feeling especially if she's unsure of something. We have had such a good time reading through this book and talking to each other about when she's going to start school, what she'll be doing and who she'll meet. It has seriously helped with Violet expressing herself on how she's feeling about the big day.

The book itself also comes in a few Disney characters such as Frozen and Starwars as well as Peppa pig. I love the stories you can pick there are quite a few to choose from here.
The quality of the books is exceptional and i loved that it came wrapped beautifully and in a box so it didn't get bent.

You can personalise the books yourself online, choosing the right hair and eye colour of your choice. As well as adding an extra special message on the book. 

Im a very impressed with not only the quality but the outcome of something so simple as reading a book to Violet to help prepare her for school it has truly helped and it will definitely be a keepsake that she'll always have!

If you would like to get your hands on a free personalised book for your loved one just enter the Rafflecopter below and ill email the winner in a week.. Good Luck!

Or if you desperate to get your hands on one theres a 20% off code WITT16 to use In the checkout at

Feel free to check out Penwizard Video here.


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