Friday, 30 September 2016

Violet Starting School Sept 2016 | How she's getting on...

I wanted to kind of document how Violet has got on at school and just share really how she is getting on.

Violet naturally is quite a shy and quiet little girl, don't get me wrong around family and home she's the total opposite most days, but in the company of other people she definitely can be the shadow of her real self which is shame really but she has always been like it! I took her a good year to really come out of her shell at nursery.

However she started her third week in School this week going full time and so far she has been loving it! The first two weeks were half days and she honestly has asked everyday to stay longer which is amazing! Im so pleased she's settled in so well, she definitely enjoys the company of other children and the learning side of School.

Every morning she has walked into the classroom herself independently with her little nursery buddy Rory, he also is very confident which really helps with Violets confidence for sure.

The one thing Violet has been looking forward to the most is the school dinner! She loves her food and couldn't wait to sit with all the other children and have her hot meal. So far her teacher said she is a very good eater and pretty much clears her plate at every lunch time!

We've been receiving story books home, although when they first start in Reception these are the very basic books with no words, they are for you and your child to talk about the pictures and expressions etc.. Violet is definitely looking forward to some proper reading books though as am i!

Each day i ask Violet if she made any new friends and she says yes which is lovely to hear, she enjoys playtime and playing in the role play area which i knew she would!!

I cant imagine how she'll be in a few more weeks, but right now she is thriving in school with not a worry in the world. It has truly made this experience the best for me with her being so happy and confident to go in each day. Lets hope it continues!


Monday, 26 September 2016

Ariel Bath Styling Doll | Review

Violet recently received this fun bath hair styling doll. The kids really don't have many bath toys, so it was nice to try out something different for a change, this Disney Ariel Styling doll is really great, she comes with added hair accessories and jewellery. Violet honestly didn't want to get out of the bath once she had this doll to play with! Hours of fun, she's even played with it not in the bath.

The main added feature is that Ariels Eyes, lips and Hair change in the water. Which is great and fun to watch once Violet dunks her in! Her eye shadow turns pink, her hair stripe turns from dark blue to an aqua type colour and her lips turn pink.

Ariel has really long and curly hair and with the added accessories we've had a great time styling it like at a hair salon. The styling head itself is sat in a cradle which can be attached the the bathroom tiles with suckers to keep it in place. 

Great toy for the bath Violet really approves and even her big brother has had fun playing with it! 


Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mottisfont National Trust | Our Day 1st Sept

We visited Mottisfont back in the summer and i have had no time to share these beautiful pictures!
We had a fantastic time at this National Trust one of my absolute favourite for sure.. Lots of things for kids to do and climb and the weather was amazing also which topped it off!

They also had a special event on sharing the life of  Beatrix Potter through here books in little fairy doors that you could find around the forest, it was wonderful the kids really got in to it and new enjoyed guessing who was in each door.

The stables had a lovely restaurant, we packed a picnic like we always do but enjoyed some yummy ice creams to cool us down. The flower garden was beautiful and hidden behind some walls, the kids loved the waterfalls and took every opportunity to get wet to cool off!!

They have lots of things going on over half October half term, which we will definitely be going to. Im also looking to seeing Autumn at Mottisfont as I'm sure it will look very different but still beautiful!

Anyway heres my picture spam enjoy x


Thursday, 22 September 2016

LadyBird Learning Books with Topsy & Tim

The children have been enjoying some fun learning books recently from the Ladybird range. They have a great choice of different learning books available for many ages. From as young as 3 these books can help little ones put pen to paper before they head off to big school. 

Violet has been practicing her writing with the 'first' books, we haven't got to the sums yet but I'm sure she'll get the swing of things once she settles in school. The basic dots to follow are really great for this age, tracing can help with learning the basics then practicing free hand.

We've all enjoyed using the telling the time book! So much fun changing the hands and getting them spot on with what the book reads, as well as making conversation between us with what time we do things etc. The Our Day book is a great read and really visually shows the children what we get up to in a full day as well as teaching them how to tell the time!

Alister has really enjoyed the Im ready for science book, finding out the basics of how to grow seeds, where things come from and why different things happen. Its really answered a lot of the questions that he has had recently so has been very useful. Alister especially loves the emergency Rescue book. Looking at all the different modes of transport we use to help people in need at the fastest to. These books go in to great depth without being complicated and Alister finds he can read them well himself.

Definitely check out these books if your looking for something fun and interesting yet great for home learning.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Dream Renovations with VELUX

We have lived in our house now for coming up to 4 years, theres always things that I've wanted to change just internally and have done as much as i can so far tweaking bits here and there. I find transforming a property so much fun, getting creative and really experimenting with different soft furnishings and paints.

Ive enjoyed really putting our stamp on our house and making it our home. One thing that we will definitely be looking into for the future probably when the children are slightly older is an extension outwards and upwards. So taking our ground floor bungalow into a single story will definitely be a project. I love the idea of having some beautiful skylight windows so we can enjoy as much natural light as possible as well as some stunning views over the fields.

VELUX have a great choice of blinds that fit beautifully into the skylight windows to give a chic look to your rooms, I love the idea of having the full blackout blinds since i do find it hard sleeping over the summer with the sun beaming in bright and early. They have the a range called Pick and click which i think would suit us perfectly since we like the hands on approach. The pick and click blinds come with pre-installed brackets which are already fitted on to the windows. So it is very easy to click the blinds in place and even change them after a few years if needed.

VELUX have a great choice of children's disney printed blinds for the added touch to your little ones bedroom. Alister is obsessed with Starwars so I'm sure he'd be keen to have that blind in his room.

I would love to hear if theres any renovations your currently doing on your home or even in the future!

*this is a sponsored article however all options are my own 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Betty Spaghetty | Review

Violet recently received a fantastic new toy by Betty Spaghetty.
I say new these dolls have been around for years i remember having them as a child. I couldn't wait for Violet to get her hands on one and have a good play! The newer Betty Spaghetty's are still brightly coloured and have the statement long spaghetti like hair. They come with hair accessories which is something Violet really enjoys. Threading  the beads on pop star Betty's was great for coordination and fine motor skills. 

Pop star Betty comes complete with a change of outfit. The new Pop 'n' Swap clothing is bright and colourful, you can also detach her arms and legs and change the shoes to! There are 55 pop 'n' Swap pieces to collect as well as many other dolls to choose from such as Sports Betty or even School Dance Betty!

Violet has had lots of fun playing with Betty swapping her outfits and styling her hair, will definitely be looking for some more to collect for around her birthday time.

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