Monday, 26 September 2016

Ariel Bath Styling Doll | Review

Violet recently received this fun bath hair styling doll. The kids really don't have many bath toys, so it was nice to try out something different for a change, this Disney Ariel Styling doll is really great, she comes with added hair accessories and jewellery. Violet honestly didn't want to get out of the bath once she had this doll to play with! Hours of fun, she's even played with it not in the bath.

The main added feature is that Ariels Eyes, lips and Hair change in the water. Which is great and fun to watch once Violet dunks her in! Her eye shadow turns pink, her hair stripe turns from dark blue to an aqua type colour and her lips turn pink.

Ariel has really long and curly hair and with the added accessories we've had a great time styling it like at a hair salon. The styling head itself is sat in a cradle which can be attached the the bathroom tiles with suckers to keep it in place. 

Great toy for the bath Violet really approves and even her big brother has had fun playing with it! 


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