Thursday, 22 September 2016

LadyBird Learning Books with Topsy & Tim

The children have been enjoying some fun learning books recently from the Ladybird range. They have a great choice of different learning books available for many ages. From as young as 3 these books can help little ones put pen to paper before they head off to big school. 

Violet has been practicing her writing with the 'first' books, we haven't got to the sums yet but I'm sure she'll get the swing of things once she settles in school. The basic dots to follow are really great for this age, tracing can help with learning the basics then practicing free hand.

We've all enjoyed using the telling the time book! So much fun changing the hands and getting them spot on with what the book reads, as well as making conversation between us with what time we do things etc. The Our Day book is a great read and really visually shows the children what we get up to in a full day as well as teaching them how to tell the time!

Alister has really enjoyed the Im ready for science book, finding out the basics of how to grow seeds, where things come from and why different things happen. Its really answered a lot of the questions that he has had recently so has been very useful. Alister especially loves the emergency Rescue book. Looking at all the different modes of transport we use to help people in need at the fastest to. These books go in to great depth without being complicated and Alister finds he can read them well himself.

Definitely check out these books if your looking for something fun and interesting yet great for home learning.


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