Friday, 30 September 2016

Violet Starting School Sept 2016 | How she's getting on...

I wanted to kind of document how Violet has got on at school and just share really how she is getting on.

Violet naturally is quite a shy and quiet little girl, don't get me wrong around family and home she's the total opposite most days, but in the company of other people she definitely can be the shadow of her real self which is shame really but she has always been like it! I took her a good year to really come out of her shell at nursery.

However she started her third week in School this week going full time and so far she has been loving it! The first two weeks were half days and she honestly has asked everyday to stay longer which is amazing! Im so pleased she's settled in so well, she definitely enjoys the company of other children and the learning side of School.

Every morning she has walked into the classroom herself independently with her little nursery buddy Rory, he also is very confident which really helps with Violets confidence for sure.

The one thing Violet has been looking forward to the most is the school dinner! She loves her food and couldn't wait to sit with all the other children and have her hot meal. So far her teacher said she is a very good eater and pretty much clears her plate at every lunch time!

We've been receiving story books home, although when they first start in Reception these are the very basic books with no words, they are for you and your child to talk about the pictures and expressions etc.. Violet is definitely looking forward to some proper reading books though as am i!

Each day i ask Violet if she made any new friends and she says yes which is lovely to hear, she enjoys playtime and playing in the role play area which i knew she would!!

I cant imagine how she'll be in a few more weeks, but right now she is thriving in school with not a worry in the world. It has truly made this experience the best for me with her being so happy and confident to go in each day. Lets hope it continues!


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