Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kids Halloween Baskets 2016!

I haven't gone too crazy this year.. theres only so many 'halloween' themed items the kids truly need.. however i do like to do them a little something before halloween arrives and like to keep this as a little tradition over half term as a little 'reward' treat. We are definitely a family that enjoys Halloween especially since Violets Birthday is the 30th also, so it just gets the kids extra excited for trick or treating and pumpkin carving over the holidays!

Violets little pink tub bucket is from Asda at 50p
Halloween Cup- Asda £1
Pumpkin glow mask- Asda £1
Jelly spiders- Asda £1
Skull dressing up costume- Aldi £3.99
Chocolate lolly & pumpkin balls- Aldi £1
Skull headband- Aldi £1

Alisters bucket- Asda 50p
Halloween cup- Asda £1
Glow mask- Asda £1
Skull top- H&M £2.99
Jelly sweets- Asda £1
Chocolate lolly & eye balls -Aldi £1

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration even for a child for next year.
Making a little tradition is always fun for all the family! 

Claire x

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sopley Farm.. Pick your own Pumpkins!

We ventured out on a Sunday for a family day.. as its the season for pumpkins with halloween just around the corner we went to our local 'pick your own' . Sopley Farm do lots of different pick your own produce around certain times of the year. Its definitely worth doing since you get to choose your own pumpkins, different shapes and sizes and they are very reasonable in price!

It also makes it feel like a day out, the kids really enjoyed it, the only downside is that we got caught in a rain storm!! It definitely didn't put us off however we got soaked!!! The kids loved it though. They also have a wooden climbing frame for the kids, all they need now is a cafe so we could stay a bit longer!

We ended up coming home with 6 pumpkins to carve, or shall i say graham to carve!
Heres some pictures i managed to take without my camera getting too wet!

Have your picked your own pumpkins yet? Im still deciding what to draw on mine!

Claire x


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Spiced Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe

I do love carrot cake definitely my number one choice of cake when I'm out!
I thought id share a yummy spiced flavour carrot cake recipe, with a little Halloween theme added since its the season and the kids helped me decorate them!

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2/3 cups oil ( i used avocado oil )
1.5 cups grated carrot
1/2 cup caster sugar
1.5 cups plain flour
1 tsp bicarb soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 heaped tsp cinnamon 
pinch salt.

First put all wet ingredients in to the mixing bowl, mix either by hand or machine.

Add n the grated Carrot and give it a good mix.

Lastly added in the dry ingredients and mix until all combined.

Divided the mixture in to muffin cases. i made 14 cupcakes total.
Pop in to a preheated oven 180c for 15-18 mins.

200g cream cheese
2 cups icing sugar

Mix both ingredients together, make sure theres no lumps then pop in the fridge for 10 minutes to chill while your cupcakes cool.

I used this plastics piping bag, the reusable and disposable ones all work well. 

Let your husband get snap happy while you ice the cakes and your child lick the spoon!

Once the cream cheese frosting is on get your helper to add the sprinkles.

Let me know if you give them a try!!!

Claire x


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Going back to College | Adult Studying | Update!


Ive now been in college a few weeks doing my evening course and i wanted to update you all on how I'm getting on! For the people who are unaware i decide to challenge my mind and look to the future to find myself again since i now have both children in full time school.

I ended up enrolling in a level 2 & 3 course in a local college, studying level 2 Fitness Instructing and level 3 Personal Training. Getting fit and keeping healthy has always been a passion of mine, i thoroughly enjoy going to the gym and i like to think i know my was around nutrition. So to go into something that i love and make a career out of it is something i really wanted to do!

The last few weeks have been manic I'm not going to lie, juggling the evening course two days a week with homework and revision on top has been hard! But non the less so enjoyable for everyone.
Graham has been picking the kids up on the days I'm at college and taking them to feed the calves and milk the cows. They have been really helpful and loved every minute of it.

I have seriously missed the meal times together and the kids in general but it is getting easier, most of the time when i arrive home between 7.30-8pm ( sometimes they let us go early ) i can tuck the kids in bed and read them a story which is lovely.

Its been great to let Graham take control and do the bits i usually do like cook dinner and bath them. He has definitely found it challenging at times but has not moaned once!

My course is split up between the first day being written work and the 2nd day being more practical in the gym. Im loving every bit of it! Using the brain that i haven't properly used in a good decade or so has been tough but great! I have my first exam coming up just after half term that I'm a little nervous about i just need to get my head down in the books and stop being distracted!!!

If your someone questioning whether to go back to college or Uni to find yourself again  i would definitely recommend it, just generally meeting new people has been amazing but to get back in to the work place after this is a massive bonus!

Claire x

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