Friday, 7 October 2016

Back to School With Ocean Finance

As parents we all know how expensive sending our children back to school can be. From the new uniform they've grown out of to the new shoes, backpacks and pencil cases, its definitely a small fortune especially if you have more than one child.

Not only can it be expensive kitting out your child but also the general costs of getting them to school whether its using petrol in the car or putting them on a school bus, Packed lunches or sending the child in with money for a school dinner, the costs can truly add up over the course of 1 year!

Ocean Finance offer a great deal on credit cards for a stress free back to school, offering easy contact less payments and 1 interest rate for all transactions.

Also finding the best deals and shopping around is key, looking and comparing local supermarkets for the best deals on uniform and packed lunch boxes is a must.

I also like to browse the online sales for school shoes and even  Clarks outlets. Most stationary shops have deals for 'back to school' equipment such as Paperchase and Staples making the spend a lot cheaper, and even bulk buying those pens!

As i had two child going to school this year i really shopped around and brought a few items in advance just so it wouldn't feel like a huge spend in one hit. I went to ASDA and M&S for the kids uniforms mainly, they do great deals on bundle packs of Tshirts and trousers.

The kids got Kickers for their school shoes this year, giving them a trial, Kickers also have great sales on and the quality of the shoes are amazing.

PE staples like shorts and plimsoles are great value in supermarkets especially since the kinds tend to grow out of them so often!

I went to The Range for stationary , really affordable and such a great choice.

The Sistema Lunch Box range is my absolute favourite, i have so many tupperware from the range, dishwasher safe, BPA free, and the drinks bottles don't leak! You can pick them up from most supermarkets, ASDA always seem to have them on offer though.

I hope this post have given you some tips when the kids head back to school or even just being prepared in buying in advance!

Definitely check out my Back to School Haul Video Below!

*** In collaboration with ocean Finance.


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