Monday, 27 February 2017

Half Term Round Up - Living Arrows

My first time joining in on 'Living Arrows', I wanted to share a couple of pictures of things that we got up to over the half term, i can't believe how fast the week flew! The kids were brilliant and really needed a week of recovery, although id say it was a full on week and not much recovery for me anyway!

So starting off on Saturday we went to Monkey World, it felt like spring and all the monkeys were out sunbathing!

On Monday we visited The Tank Museum which was awesome the kids loved it and theres so much to do which i wasn't expecting for a museum!

On Tuesday we met friends a Boscombe beach and went to Urban Reef for Pancakes!!!

Friday We met lots of school friends for a fun filled day at Moores Valley, very long and exhausting day but great fun!

Last day of half term Sunday we had a family day at Mottisfont a local National Trust!

Heres some links to separate posts if you want to see exactly what we got up to!

Living Arrows

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Half Term End of Week | Feb 2017

Well the end of the half term week is coming to end, we've had an amazing positive week, great weather, we've had days out, home days and family time. I couldn't of asked for more really, I've really enjoyed chilling at home and exploring with the kids. 5 more weeks and were have the Easter holidays!

We went out to Boscombe beach this week to meet friends for breakfast at Urban Reef.. A place that holds tons of memories from when the children were tiny, we love the pancakes and coffee there and the staff are great with the children, best of all its situated right on the beach so perfect in the warmer weather to sit outside.

The children took their Micro Scooters and had a great time playing in the sand, chasing the waves and making sand creations. Definitely can't beat a cheap beach day, especially since the parking is still off peak at only 70p an hour!

The final day of the week Friyay! We headed off to Moores Valley with friends, its a great place for the children to burn off all the energy they have, its a beautiful country park, full of different trails to go on, all you do is pay for parking and you can stay all day!

We left bright and early at 10am to meet friends, went on the first trail which took up a couple of hours, lots of things for kids to find and climb on, Alister very much enjoys climbing trees and did a great job at doing that! Exploring the outdoors is a must we collected different pine cones as well as lots of crazy sized sticks!

We stopped with our picnic blanket for a spot of lunch in the middle of the beautiful forest and then  continued on with the trail. The mums needed a Tea break so we headed into their cafe, the kids had yummy looking Hot chocolates while i settled with a cup of Tea and Danish pastry!

Lastly to end the day we walked over the the huge play area where the kids played, went down slides and climbed the tricky types of climbing equipment. We got home just before 5pm. I was exhausted to say the least! This week has been absolutely perfect, the kids have been amazing and we've had some great trips out oh and of corse the weather was spot on to! It really has felt like spring.

Don't forget to check out my videos to get a real in site of ours days linked below!
Oh and heres the beginning of our week post- Mid week Catch up.




Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Half Term Mid Week Catch Up | Feb 2017

Well the start of the Half term has been fantastic! We've had perfect weather quite spring like actually and we have really tried to make the most of fitting in some family time. I wanted to share a couple of day trips we have made over the first few days of the holidays.

On Sunday we went to Monkey World in Dorset. They had a special offer on for getting children in for only £1 so we had to go visit! Also we have never been before and wanted to see what they had to offer especially since the weather was really warm and sunny!

We had a fantastic day, lots to see and do, the monkeys were all out so i got some great snaps and there were lots of different play areas around the park for children to play on. The Ape Play area at the bottom of the park was amazing! It was huge and for all ages even adults!

We ended up buying a few sausage rolls and hot dogs which were all reasonably priced and the coffee was good to!

Would highly recommend checking it out if your in the area, don't forget to check their website as they always have different offers on also.

On Monday we ventured right next to Monkey World actually to a place called The Tank Museum!
This was Grahams suggestions as he had heard good things about it and i double checked on Tripadvisor of corse just to be certain! 

Again we had such good luck with the weather, although the museum is mainly inside they did had a cool play area outside for children so we did take advantage of that.
The museum itself was really great, very educational but also really fun, the kids enjoyed themselves and we didn't hear any of them say they were bored which was a bonus as you know how kids can be!
So many huge tanks to see, sit it, touch and take pictures of! There were different categories to walk through from the Old and the New it was very interesting.

We spent just over 4 hours here! We used the little cafe which was situated right next to the kids indoor soft play. Perfect for the children to run off some steam! Food was very reasonably priced and they also had a large cafe situated above the entrance/ gift shop which serve hot and cold food.

All in all a great day, one extra bonus is that if your a tax payer you can sign up for 'gift aid' and they give you can annual pass to return as many times as you like within the year!

Well thats our week so far, we have also been to Urban reef for breakfast and Bowling yesterday eve. Today Wednesday I'm already beat were having a home day before i venture back to College this evening.

Don't forget to check out my daily Vlogs of these days, to get more of a real in site to what we got up to!


Friday, 17 February 2017

Glimmies Review

Hey Everyone i wanted to share a very cute new toy Violet received a couple of weeks ago. These cute little figures are called Glimmies. These little dolls light up whens its dark automatically so are a great little night light if your child is afraid of the dark! There are 12 to collect all in different cute animals and colours and RRP £3.99. 

Violet absolutely loves playing with these they are small so definitely keep out of reach of small children they are for ages 3yrs and over. One thing i like about threes is that you can turn the light of with a flick of a switch at the back of he doll and also they are rather cute and pretty for display! 
Violet definitely wants to collect a couple more.


Fred's Box Review

Hi everyone we or shall i say Alister was lucky enough to try out the very cool subscription box called Fred'sBox. As you probably know Alister is obsessed with Lego and has been from the age of about 3 years old. Fred's Box is a fun unique subscription for the Lego lover out there! 

Fred's Box can be ordered as a one of for a gift or like i said as a monthly subscription. You can personalise the box from Gender and size which also changes the price. 

The box we were sent contained 10 Mini figures which are compatible with Lego. Each Figure came with 1-2 accessories each which was definitely an extra bonus! 

This is such a brilliant gift to send you can also add a greeting card in the package which pops straight through the letter box so can be delivered anywhere!
Definitely check out the website as they have lots of different characters to choose from from Hello Kitty, Disney and more! 

Alister absolutely loved having this sent through the post and has been very pleased with his figures especially because they are all so different so you never get sent the same one!

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