Saturday, 25 February 2017

Half Term End of Week | Feb 2017

Well the end of the half term week is coming to end, we've had an amazing positive week, great weather, we've had days out, home days and family time. I couldn't of asked for more really, I've really enjoyed chilling at home and exploring with the kids. 5 more weeks and were have the Easter holidays!

We went out to Boscombe beach this week to meet friends for breakfast at Urban Reef.. A place that holds tons of memories from when the children were tiny, we love the pancakes and coffee there and the staff are great with the children, best of all its situated right on the beach so perfect in the warmer weather to sit outside.

The children took their Micro Scooters and had a great time playing in the sand, chasing the waves and making sand creations. Definitely can't beat a cheap beach day, especially since the parking is still off peak at only 70p an hour!

The final day of the week Friyay! We headed off to Moores Valley with friends, its a great place for the children to burn off all the energy they have, its a beautiful country park, full of different trails to go on, all you do is pay for parking and you can stay all day!

We left bright and early at 10am to meet friends, went on the first trail which took up a couple of hours, lots of things for kids to find and climb on, Alister very much enjoys climbing trees and did a great job at doing that! Exploring the outdoors is a must we collected different pine cones as well as lots of crazy sized sticks!

We stopped with our picnic blanket for a spot of lunch in the middle of the beautiful forest and then  continued on with the trail. The mums needed a Tea break so we headed into their cafe, the kids had yummy looking Hot chocolates while i settled with a cup of Tea and Danish pastry!

Lastly to end the day we walked over the the huge play area where the kids played, went down slides and climbed the tricky types of climbing equipment. We got home just before 5pm. I was exhausted to say the least! This week has been absolutely perfect, the kids have been amazing and we've had some great trips out oh and of corse the weather was spot on to! It really has felt like spring.

Don't forget to check out my videos to get a real in site of ours days linked below!
Oh and heres the beginning of our week post- Mid week Catch up.




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