Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Recent Meal Ideas | March 2017

I love nothing more than cooking up so delicious meals for the family!
I wanted to share some of my most favourite that we all eat and some breakfast ideas also!

Above is a popular breakfast I've been having, 2 Tbs of natural yogurt I've been having the Collective Dairy one it has a yummy tang to it and its very low sugar. Rude Health Pupped Oats a small handful, these taste just like Sugar Puffs without the sugar! and any sort of berries thrown on top with a drizzle of honey! I usually mix it all together and devour.

Heres a classic Lasagne with a side go steamed broccoli. I love lasagne and have super simple recipe Homemade Lasagne. Its definitely not something i do all the time as its one to prep but all the family enjoy it!

Heres a leftover lunch. We had Beef Enchiladas with kidney beans. I served it with some greens, avocado and sour cream.

Homemade Fish Pie is a staple in this house such a cheap and simple dinner, i make this at least 2-3 times a month!                                  

Grahams Meatballs! My hubby does make the yummiest meatballs ever.. I've served it here with sautéed courgette and mushrooms, however the kids usually have it with wholewheat spaghetti. 

Cant beat a slow cooker chicken casserole! throw in whatever veg you have in your fridge, add in some chicken thighs, tomatoes, onion and your good to go!

Mine and the kids favourite breakfast is Porridge.. i always serve it with my fav toppings of chopped dates, a drizzle of peanut butter and sprinkle of cinnamon.

Spaghetti and king prawns in a home-made tomato / garlic sauce with courgette is a simple and quick dinner with i like to whip up in a hurry!

Check out my recents eats video below for more ideas!


Sunday, 19 March 2017

Family Day at Beaulieu Motor Museum | March 2017

We had a lovely Sunday Family day last week I've been meaning to share with you the pictures i took.. just a word of warning this post is very pic heavy!!

We took a trip to Beaulieu not far from us to be honest but we haven't actually been there as a family so we thought we'd give it ago. The kids seemed keen to see what it was all about and i love museums. 

We started off at the mono rail which was really fun, we had a good tour of whole place from the outside and seeing all the beautiful sites of Beaulieu. Its quite a short ride and you can get of half way to explore but we did a loop and came back to the beginning. We then spotted the Top Gear area where they take you into a room full of Top Gear memorabilia and players you some of the old Top Gear shows which was very good. Me and Graham couldn't wait to see some of the smashed up cars that had been used it the show, we are big Top Gear fans!

We found some amazing cars that were used in films, such as the Harry Potter car and Mr Bean!

We had lunch in the restaurant opposite the museum, it was very reasonably priced with hot and cold food to choose from, the kids had a lunch bag where they could pick 5 items for £4.95. Me and Graham opted for a cheese and ham toasty, as well as a yummy cookie and coffee of course!

There was so much to see in the museum, amazing old vintage cars, my highlight was the red double decker bus which we could sit in. they had racing cars, motor bikes and also lots of very interesting things to read and bits the kids could touch to get knowledge from. There was also a mini 'ride' which took you round showing you the different transport from all of the different eras.. very interesting!

We took a little walk through the beautiful gardens and came across this metal tree full of 'love locks' as well as bushes shaped like Alice in Wonderland. The ruins of Beaulieu Abbey were amazing to walk around, and we went in for a tour of Beaulieu Palace. 

I absolutely love this oil painting if i could it would of been straight home with me!

We ended our day with a trail around the Mill pond, there were beautiful views surrounding the whole of Beaulieu with seas of daffodils! We had such a great day we will definitely revisit over the easter half term as they do put on extra bits for children once it gets a little warmer. 
I would highly recommend visiting if you haven't been its definitely one for all the family and at any age!

Heres my video of our day out below.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

K'NEX Education Review

Hey everyone the kids were sent some really fun new toys from K'NEX a couple of weeks ago and they have really enjoyed being creative with them so i wanted to share!

We were sent the K'NEX Education sets which are designed for children aged 8+ they help with children's knowledge and educate them about science and technology as well as understanding the math behind why things move mechanically. Alister took complete control over the vehicles set, he's generally great at problem solving and loves nothing more than to build! He followed the set by step instructions with a little bit of guidance from Graham when he got a little bit frustrated at one point. But he successfully built both of the vehicles really well and in no time at all. He has also been reconstructing his own different types of vehicles also which has resorted in hours of fun!

The instructions are nice a detailed for accurate results, like i said Alister at nearly 8 years old had no problem reading and following the instructions. Having the diagrams is definitely and added bonus and the pieces simply just click together.

Violet enjoyed tackling the task of the Gears Building Set or 'Wind Mill' as she called it! She loved clicking all the different components together and i helped help step by step to build it. It looks like a ton of different pieces but actually it took no time at all! We had great fun building together and sharing the excitement when it was complete.

Whats great about the Vehicles set is that it comes with a few different mechanical ways of how the car or bike moves from push power, using a rubber band to wind up and let go and also the spring motor. Alister was in his element showing me the best way to power his car and giving me lots of demos!

I really hope this has given you some inspiration, the children have loved K'NEX Educations they have lots of other builds to choose from on the website so go check them out!

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