Saturday, 11 March 2017


For the first time in what it feels like forever it actually felt like Spring!
March has come around ever so quickly this year, once again the daffiest are out in full force I'm just waiting for the blossom tree to blossom now! It felt like such a warm spring day after school. My car was reading 16c the kids were out playing in tshirts and i just had a glimpse of what spring and summer would feel like, it was amazing.

I ventured out to check on my veg patch, i planted seeds the end of September 2016 in the hope they would survive the cold winter. Ive been carefully keeping an eye on things growing in my tractor tyres for the last couple of months. It was amazing to see today how those tiny seeds which i had sewn many months ago were now ready to be picked and cut and be used. Free food i had produced with some tiny little seeds. Violet could not wait to start trimming off some Kale leaves for dinner that evening.

The Kale and chard are ready, i have carrots still in the process and hopefully should be picked in the next few months as well as broccoli which i was pleasantly surprised to see the beginning of a little broccoli stalk! The first time i had ever grown broccoli which feels like a huge accomplishment!
My strawberries once again are growing beautifully and i also have sprouts in the process to!

I have big plans to grow much more.. potatoes, tomatoes, runner beans.

Violet couldn't wait to bring out her baby Annabell, she was showing her all of the veggies we have grown so far.

Alister has been in the process of building hiss own bug hotel, he does a few every year, it really keeps him occupied outside for hours!

Who else is excited for the warmer sunnier days?

Claire x


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