Sunday, 9 April 2017

Whats in the Kids Easter Baskets 2017!

Oh its that time again showing you what I've put in the kids Easter baskets! I can not believe we are in April already, although it does feel like a long time coming as the children really do get exhausted from school, the year to me however ifs lying bye! i love spring not only is it a beautiful month with lighter evening and all the flowers are getting ready to bloom, its also our wedding anniversary this month! 7 years married crazy!

Anyway here is what I've put in the kids Easter Baskets i love picking them up some treats and cute Easter themed bits as well as crafts to keep them entertained as 2 weeks is quite a long time!
Were actually going away the 2nd week of the half term so i am going to keep these back to take with us!

So for Violet she has some Kinder chocolate treats, a couple of larger eggs, one has a toy in it and the other is the golden popping candy egg both from poundland.

Ive thrown in some cute chick bobbing headband and a fluffy bunny soft toy. Violet has some stickers, some princess hair clips a rabbit egg cup and a treat breakfast of Lucky charms for while were away.

The make your own key chain set is a shared craft for the both to do. This is from Hobby craft i found it in the clearance section for £3.

These crafts and activities are for sharing there are a couple from Poundland and two make your own hand puppets from Hobby craft which is had stashed away from last year, me two both enjoy sewing as do i.

Alisters baskets it kind of looks like less however i do have a little Easter Lego set coming which i brought for about £6.99 on Ebay. He's again got the same chocolate treats, an egg cup, some novelty glasses, stickers and the Moana dvd which we haven't seen so were watch that as a family on holiday!

I hope this has given you some inspiration check out previous years linked below!


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