Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Back to School with F&F | Challenging the uniform!

Back to School is only just around the corner, the kids have been putting F&F School uniform to the test with some very fun and exciting challenges! Tesco have really out done themselves with having every bit of uniform available so no need to shop anywhere else!

My children being both tall and very slim they always need specific requirements when it comes to school uniform. Alister needing adjustable waists and slim fit leg to make sure the trousers look smart and not like a sack potatoes! Violet also needing the same fit in trousers but wide fit in shoes as she has such chubby high instep little feet! Ive found the uniform perfect fit for both of them, i can also get both their school colours to with Alister in navy and Violet in red.

The trousers come in a good choice of fits from skinny let, slim fit, plus fit and all of them come pleated front so no need for ironing which is always a bonus!

We put the trousers to the test first with a fun football match, the kids loved getting stuck in, tackling each other, Alister skidding over the grass the trousers really held up well having the reinforced knee
helped i think!

Like i mentioned above the kids needing suitable school shoes that actually last is so important. Alister went through 3 pairs in under a year! F&F shoes are scruff resistant, have extra cushion inside for added comfort and the leather quality really shows.
We took the shoes on an adventure nature walk, my two love nothing more than exploring the forest looking for bugs and assorts of creepy crawlies. The shoes did the job well traipsing through long grass and stoney tracks.
Alisters shoes were ideal for him as the had 3 large velcro straps across the top they also looked like a smart trainer so he was pleased and said they were very comfy! Violet shoes are adorable little pumps she couldn't help but noticed instantly that they had heart grips on the bottom of them, they also had a one strap velcro across the top, velcro is a must for my children thats for sure. Both pairs are so reasonable in price and so far I'm very pleased with the quality.

Our final challenge was to test the Teflon EcoElite polo shirts out by making some delicious homemade ice lollies. First we blitz up the ingredients using the recipe provided. The kids really enjoyed using the hand blender, it definitely made a ton of mess but they had fun! The new polos have been finished with Teflon EcoElite and carbon free fabric protector designed to repel stains.
Violet was covered in strawberry and wiped her hands all over her white polo but the stain really did come out in one wash. I noticed when washing up also the water just made beads on the polo and rolled right off.

Thank you to Tesco for giving us these awesome challenges over the summer holidays, were all very happy with the uniform and can't wait to really put it all into action when they go back to school in September! The quality, sizings and price is spot on, don't forget to check out your local Tesco Supermarkets for all the uniform in store or if you don't fancy dragging the children with you why not go online and click and collect!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Our Camping Holiday to Cornwall AUG 2017

We recently took a trip to cornwall, we haven't been for 2 years and back in Jan i was getting the holiday blues for sure.. so we booked to go camping in Perranporth. Our first family camping trip, not only did we already have a tent but lots of equipment also so this was quite a cheap holiday!
We set off dreading the weather not gong to lie.. the forecast didn't look too great for the week but either way we were going and definitely going to make the most of it!

Our first trip down was to the Tank Museum, we had been previously in Feb and the kids loved it so we popped in again because we have an annual pass ( you get one if your a gift aider ). We had fun looking around the tanks and the kids got to stretch their legs in the soft play they have.

Finally we got to our destination at about 5pm, set up tent and make it a home for the week! i packed some basics so we could have a quick tea, and we had the plug in cool box which was a total must and lifesaver over the week, so Graham whipped up spaghetti Bolognese yum! We stayed at Perran Springs, there wasn't much for the children here but to be honest we wanted it more the a base and nothing else, the facilities are clean, pitches are large and the do have a park!


After a bit of broken sleep due to having a crying baby next door, we finally got out of the tent, washed and ready for the day, the sun was shining and we headed to Newquay which was only about 15-20 mins down the road! We spent a few hours 'surfing' the kids had wetsuits and their bodyboards.. so much fun! We did a bit of walking through the hughstreet found a local pub restaurant overlooking the beach called The Font inn which also had a play area bonus! We filled our bellies and hit the slot machines! When we arrived back we booked to go to the Newquay Circus since we noticed it was in town, for £5 each you can't really go wrong and it was a bit of fun for all the family.

Day 2 waking up definitely  with a better nights sleep we did have a little bit of rain over night but nothing terrible, We decided to go to Screech Owl Sanctuary since we've never really done it, this place was also quite local and reasonably priced, we had a few hours there, they had climbing equipment, a little cafe and lots of owls to see and even stroke!

Purely because we still had half the day left we decided to pop to the National Trust locally Trerice. What a beautiful place, the gardens are stunning and you can go look in the house too, the sun was beaming and the kids played bowls on the lawn.

Back for showers and Pj's the kids went and layer on the play area which is situated right behind our tent which was a dream, so i could just sit in my camping chair eat biscuits and watch them play.

Good morning Thursday, yet again the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky, our plan for today was to head to Lands End for the day.. Its a place me and Graham have always wanted to visit and it just so happened it was Cornish day so they had lots of things on for the children as well as fireworks in the evening result! Aliser and Graham cooked a yummy eggs and bacon breakfast and we headed off for the day.

On the way i found a beautiful National Trust Trengwainton, We stopped off for a couple of hours again they had a few fun things for the children to do and some really amazing looking scarecrows.

Next stop Lands End.. £6 parking all day, We decided to do the activities there family of four cost us £27 we had a £2 off voucher we found in a booklet which was brilliant, the visited the 4D cinema which was so much fun, Shaun the Sheep Show room, Arthurs Quest and the farm Down the road, what a bargain!

We had to get a good old Cornish Pasty how could we not?!
The views were stunning, we did quite a bit of walking, cider drinking and ice cream eating!
Theres also a park on site for the kids to play and the parents to chill.

We stayed at Lands End for 10 hours! Waiting for the fireworks at 9pm, We booked into the Lands End restaurant which was really nice but incredibly busy! Lands End was definitely my favourite trip of the week, would highly recommend visiting.

Friday we headed to Mevagissey which was recommend by my mum! its a lovely fishing harbour / village, very quaint and pretty, we picked up some crabbing gear and tried our luck at that for a couple of hours but sadly didn't do too well, the kids had fun though! On the harbour there are a few free places, the mini Aquarium & local museum which entertained us for a while!

The tiniest crab we caught!
We had fish and chips on the quay and enjoyed the views and weather, would recommend a visit its a stunning place!

Because we had a couple of hours left of the day we popped to Healeys Cyder Farm, Its literally 3 miles from our camp and FREE! you can pay for tours around the orchards and  where the brew the cider and make the jam, but generally the rest its free to rome. They have farm animals, goats, horses and rabbits. We went into the restaurant and had cider and cream tea, we tried out some of their homemade jams and chutneys to!

I didn't actually film the last day which was Saturday as i just wanted to enjoy my day with the family, however i thought id mention we went to Camel Creek which is a childs theme park place, we had been there already 2 years ago and want to revisit as i thing it will probable be the last time since my kids are getting a little past these rides. We had a cracking day so much to see and do! Animals to hold and groom. Both children held a corn snake and stroked rabbits! Definitely visit if your in the area, and if your organised book a day before you'll get 20% off the ticket price!

If you fancy watching our videos of our camping holiday ill leave the link below!

I hope this has given you and inset to a few places in Cornwall! Thanks for reading!
Claire x

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