Saturday, 2 December 2017

Christmas Eve Basket 2017!

Its that time of the year again! I can't actually believe another year has passed and I'm sharing with you yet again another Christmas Eve Basket! I love this tradition its fun and really gets the kids and myself excited for the big day! If your unsure what an xmas eve basket is than ill tell you..

The Christmas eve basket is a little tradition i started doing back in 2013, i decided to bring together a few festive favourites before the big day. To be perfectly honest i think each year he 'basket' has grown and i do try and get a little more creative each year, i just can't help it!

So this year I've popped in some new festive PJ's, these ones are from Marks and Spencer.
The gold Paddington tree ornament and book also from M&S.
The crafts are a mixture from Poundland as well as the Entertainer.
A little chocolate treat.
A couple of DVD's, Norm of the North and i had to get ELF this year!
I brought a festive Christmas tree making kit from ASDA.
A new mug from Poundland for Santa's milk and mince pie.
And a little bath treat called Slime Baff which turns the bath green and like slime! I thought that would be fun on xmas eve!

Check out the Video Below!

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